The Working Classes of EnduroCross

EnduroCross is growing. The series has been around for a number of years, but with two years of racing at the X Games, new fans are watching this form of indoor racing. If you have seen EnduroCross, you know the night show is a great show. However, it is only part of the event. The night show is more of the finale to a great day of racing from a number of classes that are all trying earn the honor of racing in front of the night’s crowd. The working classes, known as the Support Classes, consist of Expert, Open Amateur, Vet, Trialcross, and the Women’s. These classes run practice, timed practice, and qualifier races during the day. There is a lot of aggressive racing trying to earn the few spots available for the night show.

When the first practice session of the day starts, you can see just how tough the course can be, even just riding around it. When the racing starts, it becomes a completely different animal. The sections that you (yes, amateur entries are open to anyone who wants to attempt the race) were able to ride in practice without much drama, will, without notice, stop your bike in its tracks or swallow your front end completely, then chew you up and spit you out. The firewood or the matrix can send you to the ground hard enough that you might start wondering if it is a dream or real. During the day show, you will find the “Thrill of Victory” and the “Agony of Defeat,” as well as adrenaline, aggression, and some moto carnage. You will also see some great racing.

When the support classes get out there and race, it is not for money. It is for the thrill of doing something that most people will never do. It is for bragging rights or comparing your skills to the racer next to you. It is for the thrill of racing.

You may see riders like Ty Tremaine, who qualified for the night show at the Ontario round in 3 classes: Ex/Pro, Open Amateur and Trialcross (and he took the wins in Open Amateur and Trialcross). You may also see one of your favorite magazine personalities out there racing. One thing you will see to wrap up the day show, is the best professional EnduroCross riders racing against the clock for the fastest lap and best qualifying positions. These are called the Hot Laps and are a must see.

So when EnduroCross comes to your area, make it a day. Pack the coolers, bring some food, have an all day tailgate, and watch the action all day long. Come out and support all those racers that, on their weekend off from their normal job, go out to race one of the most exciting forms of racing there is, EnduroCross.

For all of the working class racers who raced the Ontario round, here are some photos for you.

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