Texas US National MotoTrials 2015 Photo Gallery

The 2015 Aires US National MotoTrials Series kicked off this weekend with a double-header event (Saturday and Sunday) in a large canyon south of Amarillo. Seven-time national champ Pat Smage won both days but there were plenty of up-and-comers closing in on the master. Also, current GEICO EnduroCross champion Cody Webb is riding the series again this year and made his debut on the new and exotic Montesa Honda Cota 4RT 260 four-stroke, claiming a second and a third over the two-day event.

Pat Smage leans forward to help get over this nasty looking rock outcropping in Nebraska. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Andrew Putt gets maximum extension en route to second on Saturday. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Cody Webb flew in for Sunday’s event after winning the Last Dog Standing in California, but a nasty crash during the second lap sent the Honda rider to the ER for stitches. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Daniel Blanc-Gonnet navigates over one of the many rock obstacles in Nebraska. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Pat Smage tries to maintain traction while heading for the exit of this section. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Gas Gas USA’s Alex Niederer leaps up onto a rock platform. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Bryan Roper takes a big leap en route to third. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Rachel Hassler exits a muddy ravine. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Beta USA’s Ty Cullins gives a big effort. Photo By Ryan Brehob
Andrew Putt rides a fine line. Photo By Ryan Brehob
The Trials world has an international team competition each year called the Trial des Nations, which is similar to the Motocross of Nationals. Caroline Altman is a multi-time representative on the US Women’s squad. Photo by Shan Moore
Crashing had more than the usual consequences in Texas. Andreas Niederer skits a thorny cactus on this drop. Photo by Shan Moore
Bryan Roper “Zaps” a smaller but tricky undercut rock in one of the sections. Photo by Shan Moore
The Trials Nationals (Or US MotoTrials events) have multiple classes for most abilities and a variety of bikes. David Myers rides a section in the Vintage class on a 70’s-something Bultaco. Photo by Shan Moore
A big thumbs up from “the man”, Pat Smage. Photo by Shan Moore
Andrew Putt demonstrates the perfect payoff from a well-executed splatter. Photo by Shan Moore
The always-smiling Cody Webb. Photo by Shan Moore