Shane Watts’ 2015 KTM 250 SX Race Bike Rental - Parts List

GNCC and National Enduro breakdown with Shane Watts

Intro By Pete Peterson Photo by Shan Moore


Here is Shane Watt’s funny and insightful breakdown of the 2014 GNCC venues and a look forward at the 2015 Enduro venues that we didn’t have room for in the “I Survived… Shane Watts” story in the February 2015 issue of Dirt Rider. And, below that is a parts list on the rental race bike from that story.

2014 GNCC Events:

Rd. 1 Florida - The Mud Mucker venue doesn't really have any of the typical nasty Florida sand whoops or palmetto roots, just some great trails and a huge, bonza grass track section which is totally horn.

Rd. 2 Georgia - If The General is a swampy mess like in 2014, no worries, just roost to the finish and then just walk away - we'll take care of washing the bike and prepping it for the next race.

Rd. 3 North Carolina - Steele Creek is one of the best venues on the tour. Some great ups and downs, ridge line trails, and river bottom sections - don't forget to duck through the tunnel otherwise you might knock your noggin off, or scuff that sick paint job.

Rd. 4 South Carolina - Lots of variety at the Big Buck track and you'll be welcomed with some great southern hospitality if you fail on one of the many spectator friendly creek jumps, ha! Don't wear white riding gear as it'll leave here permanently stained orange from the unique colored soil.

Rd. 5 Indiana - After the track packers carve up the Limestone 100 track on Saturday you'll want our sensational Stillwell Performance suspension here to soak up all of the square edged trail hack and make it pleasurable. Trust me on that one!

Rd. 6 Tennessee - Loretta's is a favorite - the great soil, epic flowing trails, lush green grass track, plus whipping out a few "offroad airs" on the famous MX track will have you pinging for weeks after it.

Rd. 7 West Virginia - The Mountaineer race track is full of nasty, bike-busting rock sections. Why race your own bike there when it'll be much cheaper to thrash, crash, and smash one of our DirtWise machines to the finish instead.

Rd. 8 Ohio - This John Penton—named race is renowned for having extreme conditions - either it'll be greasier than gorilla snot or have dust thicker than a desert storm. Watch out for the huge mulch pile as it's produced many a spectacular endo over the years.

Rd. 9 West Virginia - SNOWSHOE!!! Held high up at a beautiful ski resort with great amenities but the nastiest, rockiest GNCC trail. This event packs it all - a great, relaxed atmosphere and the chance to turf it down on the pavement at the first corner after starting on the main drag.

Rd. 10 New York - Unadilla is a tight one, mostly through the trees, with some slick river rocks but nothing too technical, and a few chances each lap to blast around the famous Unadilla National MX track. This one is popular so you'll never feel lonely on the trail!

Rd. 11 Pennsylvania – Mountain Ridge is another race in the rocks, and that means it’s a no-brainer to tear up one of our rental bikes. As long as your right hand is all the way down and you're riding hard we won't hold it against you.

Rd. 12 Ohio - No rocks here, but the Powerline Park mud bog jumps just might get you if you come up short. This trail is more open and great for getting the adrenalin pumping while banging 4th and 5th gear.

Rd. 13 Indiana - The Ironman has the best soil, a carnival atmosphere, great flowing trail, and some real doozie hill climbs that provide plenty of cartwheeling crash action. BTW, any of you guys interested in buying after this race a slightly used DirtWise "Ready to Race" rental bike, only ridden on Sundays?

2015 National Enduro events:

Rd. 1 & 2 South Carolina - Both the Sumter and Sand Lapper events are in high demand and entries sell out within 24 hours so get in early. The primo sandy single track trails will have you frothing at the mouth at the start, and your tongue dragging at the end.

Rd. 3 Texas - This one will now be at a new, great location with tighter, more east coast style trails close to Dallas airport.

Rd. 4 Tennessee - The Rad Dad is a mixture of undulating chocolate ribbon that snakes through the hard wood and pine plantations.

Rd. 5 Missouri - The shale based trail is not to be denied. The Waterfall section in the final test is something special - mess up launching off any of them and you're going for a swim in the drink.

Rd. 6 Wyoming - This one opens up again to give the throttle thrashers a chance to do some work. It's way out there so hit us up if you want to go "full factory" and jet on in.

Rd. 7 Pennsylvania - There's a heap of fun trails at this one. The bumps and trail nuggets of Test 2 will have you jumping along the trail like a cat on a hot tin roof, while Test 5 lets you pin it and take some chances while hoping for the best as you charge through the virgin undergrowth flapping off the back like a flag in a tornado.

Rd. 8 Michigan - Endless flowing trails that will put you into serious "Barney burst" mode and make you want to come back for more.

Rd. 9 Indiana - This one is ran through a lot of old strip mines so there's plenty of short abrupt ups and downs to keep you on your toes.

Rd. 10 Indiana - The Muddobber culminates a great year of single track racing - ripping through corn crops, launching logs, bombing creek crossings, slamming the single track, this one has got it all.


Here are details on Shane Watts’ “Ready To Race” program and the race bike mod list from “I Survived… Riding For Shane Watts,” in the February 2014 issue. Info provided by Shane Watts, so enjoy his fun commentary -

2. Each bike comes fully set up, identical to the Maxxis/KLIM/DirtWise KTM Race team Pro rider bikes. The Stillwell Performance suspension is tuned to each specific rider with the correct spring rates, clicker settings, and sag for their weight and riding skill.

3. Each rider gets personalized attention with pre-race analysis of the start area and race strategies, plus pit board updates and encouragement each lap of the race, and also mid-race fuel stop and pit service if required.

4. You just pay your entry fee and we take care of everything else so as you're "Ready to Race"!

5. GNCC bike rental fee is $400, National Enduro bike rental fee is $300.

6. Choice of bikes - KTM 200 and 250 two-stroke, KTM 250 and 350 four-stroke.

7. This program is perfect for the international rider or rider who lives far away to compete in a GNCC or National Enduro event, plus it also works great for the regional rider who either doesn't have time to prep their own bike, is in between bikes, or has a bike that is currently out of commission. With these rental prices it is pretty much cheaper to rent one of our bikes than it is for them to ride their own bike!

Here are the specs and details of the 2015 KTM 250 , which is the exact bike Jesse Groemm used at the following weekend's final round of the National Enduro series (Groemm finished 2nd in the series in the Pro class)

2015 KTM 250SX (fully converted to off-road)

- Internal motor work (port polish, case matching, combustion gas flow maximization) by Pollard Race Engine (Ph. 772-349-6534)

- "Factory Rock/Roots/Trail hack" suspension settings by Stillwell Performance (Ph. 866-460-0896)

- Maxxis intermediate EN front and SI rear compound tires with bib-mousse insert tubes

- 3.7 gallon IMS Quickfill ready fuel tank with dry brake receiver

- Silkolene lubricants, coolant, and brake fluids changed after each race

- SRT radiator guards, rear brake rotor guard, O-ring chain, and skid plate foam

- DirtTricks brake rotors and sprockets, including solid rear brake rotor for less pad wear and heat generation

- Flexx handlebars (10 degree bend, 31 inch width) with blue (soft) compression and yellow (medium) rebound elastomers

- G2 wrap around hand guards with Kudla link Flexx bar connector

- ProGrip half waffle grips with additional anti-blister donut, double safety wired at three points on the grip

- Wiseco piston and Pro-X connecting rod

- FMF Fatty pipe and PowerCore2 muffler

- P3 pipe guard and skid plate

- DP brake pads

- IMS Big Foot footpegs

- TMDesigns chain guide and chain sliders

- DT1 pre-oiled airfilter with dust cover

- Rad looking StukMX decal kit

- Matching gripper MotoSeat seat cover

- Fastway shock linkage guard

- TrailTech Exhaust manifold flange clamp protector

- KTM HardParts clutch slave cylinder guard

- Clear fuel tank overflow hose to gauge when the tank is full when pitting

- SRT foam placed in the main airbox openings and drain area, plus between the fuel tank and top of the airbox, to stop water puddle splash from entering the airbox

- One locator safety screw placed in the bottom of the airbox cover to stop it from possibly getting popped off by the rider's leg

- Carby vent hose ends sliced to stop clogging in muddy conditions

- Additional radiator hose protecting the hose behind the exhaust pipe

- "Factory" radiator shroud mounting rubbers

- KTM HardParts carbon fiber Pet cock and fuel line protector

Pricing break-down on the suspension mods from Stillwell Performance:

SP Fork Pro Sliders $49.95/set

4cs Pro Valve pistons $180/set

4cs Revalve $235

4cs midvalve mod $50

4cs Fork Springs $130

Shock Revalve $235

SP Bladder Kit $150

Shock Spring $130

Fastway/SP Preload Collars $110

Fastway/Stillwell Performance Linkage Guard $299.95