Seven MX

Entrenched in high-fashion and art, Laguna Beach, California seemed like the perfect locale for James Stewart to announce his own line of motocross gear, Seven. Last night, Stewart, joined by motocross icon Troy Lee, unveiled this new line of racewear. Though Troy Lee is the artistic brain behind the gear, Seven will be separate from Troy Lee Designs line of off-road apparel.

“I didn’t want to use my name for the brand because I want it to be bigger than myself,” explains Stewart. Showing his dedication to this new venture, Stewart has been living in Laguna Beach working side-by-side with Troy Lee. Instead of the long process of mailing samples back and forth, Stewart was on hand to do testing and make decisions during the last four to five months.

“This is not a signature line, this is not James Stewart gear, this is a separate brand of gear,” says Stewart, who made it clear that he wants other pro riders and fans of other pro riders to wear Seven gear. In fact, Troy Lee says that TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda riders, including Cole Seely and Christian Craig, “might be wearing the gear later in the season.” Seven has also sponsored up and coming amateur racers Jace Owen and Ashton Hayes.

Though Stewart will be clad in Seven gear at the starting gate at Anaheim 1, the rest of us will have to wait until about September to get our hands on it. “We’are at about 10% of where the gear will be,” says Stewart, who will, no doubt, be using the supercross series as real life research and development. While details were hard to come by, both Stewart and Lee seemed very excited about this “performance driven” line of gear, leaving us with the tease that “be ready for a surprise at A1.”