Story by Sean Klinger | Photos by Scott Smith

As the glowing orange sun drops behind the Anaheim skyline, flashbulbs pop, capturing a red-carpet movie premier. But the celebrities on display are not Hollywood starlets or hip-hop mega-stars. They are a supercross machine and its rider.

The movie premiering is REvival41, the story of Trey Canard’s recovery during the last year. As most of us cannot forget, at Anaheim 1 2012, Canard was involved one of the most terrifyingly brutal crashes in supercross history. And, thankfully, the filmmakers only show it once; seeing it on the big screen is literally painful to watch. After being landed on, Canard was unconscious for more than 30 minutes and awoke to a devastating list of injuries, most severe a broken back.

Only a couple weeks after his crash, Canard was asked if he was willing to have his recovery filmed. “Would anyone even want to see that?” asked Canard, still uncertain if he would fully recover, let alone race a motorcycle again. After agreeing, Sal Masekela of ESPN fame and co-owner of UX Entertainment began filming, starting in the hospital and rehab centers.

The movie isn’t just about Canard’s crash or even his rigorous training and recovery; it delves into his tragic past and shows how his faith, friends and family helped him, in his own words, become a better person. When asked how he forgets about the crash, how he blocks out the fear and pain, he simply replied, “I don’t. I remember it and learn to be OK with it….So much good came from it, I can’t look at it as a bad thing.”

In a sport that is inherently dangerous and small mistakes can lead to career ending consequences, REvival41 highlights the ability of the human spirit to overcome terrible emotional, physical and mental anguish. Whether you follow every gate-drop, or you've never seen a supercross race before, this movie will show you the power of courage and the humility of being alive. Check it out at

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Muscle Milk.