Release Date: Tuesday 12 June 2012 Belgium Grand Prix is the next stop for the Honda World Motocross team

The Honda World Motocross team is looking forward to this weekend’s inaugural Bastogne Grand Prix at a new venue in Belgium, which will play host to round eight of the MX1 World Championship.

With an intense schedule of races on three consecutive weekends, riders Evgeny Bobryshev and Rui Gonçalves will travel to Belgium this week following the Portuguese race just a few days ago. Both riders will be looking to find the results they are capable of after a tough Grand Prix in which they showed their speed with their return to health, but were marred with misfortune throughout both Saturday and Sunday.

Prior to their arrival at this weekend’s Grand Prix, both Bobryshev and Gonçalves will spend some time training before heading to Honda Park near Olmen, Belgium for a special event on Thursday. The Honda World Motocross stars will be involved with training young Honda Xtreme Academy riders with former Grand Prix winner Brian Jorgensen and LS Honda Racing’s Jonathan Barragan, which forms part of an initiative by Honda Europe to help develop the stars of tomorrow.

Also at this event will be a special journalist test with team partner Dunlop, who will be showcasing the new MX11 sand tyres with the pro riders and allowing journalists to try out for themselves the next generation of tyres that were developed alongside the Honda World Motocross team.


Rui Gonçalves #999**

“On Thursday we have the Xtreme Academy and Dunlop day, which will be nice, as I like working with the young riders. It’s also nice to ride without pressure and spend some time with Dunlop. I’ll also be back at my base in Belgium, so I’ll be following my own programme physically, which will be good for me too. It's important to take a positive attitude for the next round; it’s a new track so it is a level playing field for everyone, and it will be interesting to see how it is going to turn out. We have a lot of races together at the minute so it’s important to be as consistent as possible and stay as focused as possible.”



Evgeny Bobryshev #777**

**** "Before Bastogne we'll go riding once and then on Thursday we are going to a Dunlop and Xtreme Academy day. It's going to be fun to spend some time with the Xtreme Academy riders, as I enjoy working with the youngsters to help teach them. It's also good to be working with Brian Jorgensen and I'm looking forward to taking time out of our intense schedule to do this, as the atmosphere will be relaxed. It's also good to be doing the event with Dunlop as they work hard on the development of the tyres, so it will be nice to spend some time with them and of course doing a little bit of fun riding with the bike is always good for us. With Bastogne it's difficult to say anything, as it's a new track for everyone. It looks like hard ground, so I hope it's prepared well and for me it would be good if it is quite fast with some sweeping turns. Physically I am getting better, but obviously in Portugal I had a big crash, so I hope to be feeling a bit less sore for the weekend."

Lorenzo Resta: Honda World Motocross Team Manager

“We’ve never been in Bastogne, but for sure it’s going to be good, as we have already heard a lot of good things about the track. Our colleagues at LS Honda Racing, who are sponsored by the organisers of the Bastogne GP, have been pushing really hard to help with this and we’re looking forward to going there with a good atmosphere. We’re hoping for more consistent weather as so far this year it’s been changeable on most of the weekends, but our main aim is for solid results. We made the first step with our second moto in Portugal, but we need to find some consistency to return to the positions that we are aiming for.”