Mammoth Mountain Motocross Racing Report - News - Dirt Rider

In the Open Pro class most notable was former World Champion Grant Langston. Langston fought of early challenges from Motoworld Racing's Andrew Short before a flat knocked Andrew's Suzuki off the pace, in the Open Pro Class on Friday. Team Green's Scott Sheak was there to keep the pressure on Langston. As Langston came down the "freeway" and was doing one-handed salutes to the crowd, Sheak kept his KX 500 pinned and dove inside Langston on the last turn to make it a very exciting finish. Langston grabbed a handful of throttle on his KTM 450 and beat Sheak to the flag by a bike length for the win.

The 125 class was full of National riders. Along with KTM's Langston, there was Motoworld Racing's Andrew Short, Southwick winner Yamaha Of Troy's Craig Anderson, Suzuki's Daryl Hurely and Pro Circuit's Eric Sorby. There were also new pro's, Suzuki's Davi Millsaps and Broc Hepler, in the strong field of riders.

Team Green's Jeff Northrop took the holeshot and led until he was finally reeled in and passed by Andrew Short. Langston went down on the start and had his radiator cap smashed so bad coolant leaked all over his bike, taking him out of the race. Short took the win with Northrop finishing an impressive second and Broc Hepler rounding out the top three.


Open Jr.

1. Brock Harden KTM

2. Dayton Benegas Yam

3. Randy Commans Yam

4. Eric Brust Yam

5. Mike Hibner Hon

Open Int.

1. Michael La Paglia Suz

2. Andy Bakken Yam

3. Josh Stice Hon

4. Caleb Gosselaar Hon

5. Trafton Chandler Yam

Open Pro

1. Grant Langston KTM

2. Scott Sheak Kaw

3. Ty Davis Yam

4. Richie Owens Kaw

5. Nathan Woods Yam


1. Davi Millsaps Suz

2. Broc Hepler Suz

3. Josh Lichtle Suz

4. Kyle Chisholm Kaw

5. Josh Grant Hon


125 Jr.

1. Brock Harden KTM

2. Casey Dean KTM

3. Rhett Urseth Kaw

4. Garrett Henderson Suz

5. Anthony Esposito Suz

125 Int.

1. Josh Grant Hon

2. Kyle Chisholm Kaw

3. Eric Mc Crummen Kaw

4. Daryl Ecklund Hon

5. Daniel Sani Hon

125 Pro

1. Andrew Short Suz

2. Jeff Northrop Kaw

3. Broc Hepler Suz

4. Derek Costella Suz

5. Scott Sheak

- Bill Keefe