What Really Happened at St. Louis Supercross 2012 - Dirt Rider Magazine

Is it me or are there elements of this season's supercross season that are from bizzaro world? To the few, Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, or Justin Barcia, for example, things are fairly status quo, yet for others riders, especially in the 450 class, anything and everything can happen. Red flagged races, caution light controversies, photo finishes, countless crashes and injuries to key racers. In St. Louis some of the odd continued such as Kyle Partridge slicing his foot to the bone and a reported broken C3 & C4 in his neck that will require surgery and Cole Seely nearly crashing off the side of the over/under bridge, yet his bike did tumble off the bridge, to point out a few highlights. What's odd is that nothing has really changed in the series, it is just one of those years that will end up on the highlight reels for years to come.If 2011 was considered the greatest season ever, 2012 could be considered the year with the most odd occurrences. Yet up front the chase for title in all three classes, Supercross/450, Lites/250 East and West, is really shaping up.Head on over to Motocross.com for the full report on "What Really Happened: St. Louis SX