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Just read this from a news update on www.isde.tv:_Ricky Dietrich had some really bad luck when he crashed in the first special test and his muffler blew out the rear......just tore the rivet holes on the Pro-Circuit canister. He got up and kept riding and then his clutch just let go. It would not engage and by the end of the moto he was not moving at all. He got a tow back to the pits and they changed the clutch and muffler, but by time he got back on the circuit and to the checkpoint he was over an hour late and out of the event. This means that the team has no "throw away" score to not count and every one of the 5 remaining will be counted each day._That's terrible news as Ricky was the man at last years ISDE in Greece after Kurt Caselli injured himself. And not having a throw-away score means every one of the riders on the team has to ride perfectly to try to beat the best Enduro riders in the world: a tall order for sure. That's a lot of pressure for 5 days.Other than the terrible news of Dietrich's departure from the competition, it seems from the short news stories we're finding that the rest of the team is doing well.KTM's Kurt Caselli came out of the gates swinging and clicked off the fastest time of the day on the first special test. He made it through the day in 13th overall.ISDE Trophy Team Day 1 overall standings:Timmy Weigand is in 7th in the E1 class.Damon Huffman is in 20th in the E1 class.Destry Abbott sits in 10th in the E2 class.Kurt Caselli is in 4th in the E3 class.Nathan Kanney is in 13th in the E3 class.The ISDE is far from an individual competition, though. And after the first day we're still wading through results at the live scoring website (http://www.isde2009-live.info/)Some great news coming from the first day is the Jr. Trophy Team of David Kamo, Russell Bobbitt, Cory Buttrick and Jamie Lanza are, according to isde.tv, sitting in first place.The Women's Trophy Team of Mandi Mastin, Maria Forsberg and Lacy Jones is doing well, also. Forsberg is in 3rd after day one, Mastin is in 9th and Jones is in 12th.That's all we can dig up for now. Check out the links below for more from this year's ISDE in Portugal and we'll be back tomorrow with another update.2009 Portugal ISDE news, results and updates:Live results from the 2009 ISDE Live Scoring site
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