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Team USA's trophy teams for the 2009 ISDE in Portugal saw little changes in overall or personal positions today as the event crossed the half-way mark. For the first time, riders saw a new course after battling a twice-beat loop the previous two days. This course seems more technical in it's tests (via photos on www.gofasters.com) and in reading Destry Abbott's race reports (http://destryabbott.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1906)We're happy to report that today it seems the USA crew hasn't lot a member of any of its teams for the first time since the start of the ISDE.The World Trophy Team-who lost last year's second overall ISDE finisher Ricky Dietrich on the first day-remains in 6th place. The team riders are: Destry Abbott (Kawasaki), Kurt Caselli (KTM), Ricky Dietrich (Kawasaki), Nathan Kanney (KTM), Timmy Weigand (Honda) and Damon Huffman (Kawasaki). The French team seems to have increased their lead by a few minutes on all the World Trophy Teams. However, some great individual rides from Team USA members show that there is still a lot of fight in the squad. Destry Abbott came back from a nasty get-off yesterday to gain some time today with a seriously sore neck.After Day Two, here are the top five results in each Trophy class. Be sure to browse the links below for more information. Gofasters.com has some good shots up today in their gallery. Also, the isde.tv highlight video should be up this afternoon.World Trophy Team Top Five:
1. France
2. Italy
3. Finland
4. Australia
5. Sweden* Both Italy and Australia moved up one position from Day 2's standings in the World Trophy classificationJunior Trophy Team Top Five:
1. Spain
2. France
3. USA
4. Italy
5. Sweden*Sweden moved into 5th place, knocking host-team Portugal down to 6th. The top five in the Junior Trophy Class are separated by 9:16.95. The USA is still fighting a man down (Kamo had a mechanical failure yesterday).Women's Cup
1. France
2. Sweden
3. Australia
4. USA
5. Finland*France really rode strong today in the Women's classification. The French trio swept the top three positions in the class for the day, adding minutes to their lead over the rest of the field. Top American is Maria Forsberg with a 6th overall today, Mandi Mastin was 8th today and Lacy Jones must have dialed in her rear tire this morning riding to 12th overall on the day.It's not an individual race, but here are the top five individual class standings for each Enduro Class as well as the USA World and Junior Trophy Team member's positions in those classes after Day 3:E1:
1. Ero Remes, KTM, Finland
2. Simone Albergoni, KTM, Italy
3. Julien Gauthier, HM Honda, France
4. Michal Szuster, Yamaha, Poland
5. Fabio Mossini, HM-Honda, Italy*Italy's Fabio Mossini moved ahead of France's Marc Germain to take the fifth spot today. The top five in the E1 class are separated by 2:52.93USA E1:
9. Timmy Weigand, Honda
21. Damon Huffman, Kawasaki
22. Jamie Lanza, Kawasaki
25. Cory Buttrick, KTM*Timmy Weigand moved from 10th to 9th today. Damon Huffman went from 17th to 21st. Jamie Lanza dropped one spot to 22nd today and Cory Buttrick moved up one spot to get inside the top 25.E2:
1. Rodrig Thain, TM, France
2. Luis Correia, Yamaha, Portugal
3. Cristobal Guerrero, Yamaha, Spain
4. Alessandro Belometti, KTM, Italy
5. Joakim Ljunggren, Husaberg, Sweden*Spain's Cristobal Guerrero made an amazing move forward on Day 3 going from 7th in the class all the way to 3rd. The E2 overall is tight with only 1:38.34 separating the top five.USA E2:
14. Russell Bobbitt, KTM
15. Destry Abbott, Kawasaki*Russell Bobbitt dropped one spot and Destry Abbott stayed consistent while riding strong through pain.(* Ricky Dietrich- OUT E2)E3:
1. Samuli Aro, KTM, Finland
2. Christophe Nambotin, Gas Gas, France
3. Antoine Meo, Husqvarna, France
4. Kurt Caselli, KTM, USA
5. Alex Salvini, Husqvarna, Italy*Chirstophe Nambotin took the lead from Samuli Aro today, and Antoine Meo followed suit, passing Aro as well. Kurt Caselli is settled into 4th, around two minutes back from the lead. The top five in the E3 class is separated by 2:35.53USA E3:
13. Nathan Kanney, KTM
*Kanney stays in 13th after today.(* David Kamo- OUT E3)Live results from the 2009 ISDE Live Scoring site
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