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It seems riders are falling out of this year's ISDE in Portugal at a rapid pace. After yesterday's news filtered in about Ricky Dietrich's bike troubles in the first special test of the event, we'd hoped that Team USA's bad luck was behind them. No such luck.As this is publishing to the site, the USA Junior Trophy Team (which was only seconds away from first place after day one) lost a strong competitor in desert ace David Kamo. David had an ignition failure on the second to last test of the day and is now out of the competition. Along with Dietrich, that makes two top US riders who are sitting. This means that neither the World Trophy Team nor the Junior Trophy Team has any room for error in the remaining days. Every rider's time counts. There are no more throw-aways. That's tough news.It's not only the Americans who are having a rough go. Kawasaki-mounted David Knight riding for the UK team went down hard in the first test of the day and after suffering a mild concussion and a sore neck, has withdrawn from competition.An thing we've learned is that the course today was the exact same as it was yesterday. That means that 400 riders tore up the seven tests twice yesterday before day two followed on the same course (each day has two loops from the pits).Kurt Caselli commented on the beat up circuit after going a couple seconds slower on the first test today. The worst part is everyone had to do today's loop twice as well. So, at that end of day two, the same course had been ridden on four times by 400 bikes. Yuck. The ISDE is not an easy race. Even in perfect conditions that sounds like zero fun.The US World Trophy Team had a pretty good day today. Each rider struggled a bit with the deteriorating conditions and dropped a few seconds here and there compared to yesterday's times but there were no mechanical failures and we still have a full team competing. They did drop to 6th overall in the results as Sweden had a huge day and leapfrogged the USA and Australian teams today. Team USA is now 11:30.82 back from the lead.The Junior Trophy Team was on the gas big time today until their co-patriot Kamo burned down. In fact, Russell Bobbitt is hauling mail like the NRA's mailman. And youngster Cory Buttrick (who graced a cover of Mini Rider Magazine a couple years ago as a hot KTM 105 rider) actually went faster today on the beat up course. He dropped two minutes off his overall time from yesterday! That's great news as the Junior Team looks to make a run for the lead. They're in third after today but only 2:34.85 out of first. They don't have the luxury of a throw-away score now, but Bobbitt, Buttrick and Kawasaki's Jamie Lanza seem to have it under control.The Women's Cup team had another solid day today as well. All three of the women rode solid days with only a little drama coming at the end when Lacy Jones had to push her bike into impound without completing her tire change. Her ten-minute maintenance time in the morning should be exciting. Maria Forsberg and Amanda Mastin are plugging along and the team sits in 4th place, 6:06.66 behind first.After Day Two, here are the top five results in each Trophy class.World Trophy Team Top Five:
1. France
2. Finland
3. Italy
4. Sweden
5. AustraliaJunior Trophy Team Top Five:
1. Spain
2. France
3. USA
4. Italy
5. PortugalWomen's Cup
1. France
2. Sweden
3. Australia
4. USA
5. FinlandIt's not an individual race, but here are the top five individual class standings for each Enduro Class as well as the USA World and Junior Trophy Team member's positions in those classes:E1:
1. Ero Remes, KTM, Finland
2. Simone Albergoni, KTM, Italy
3. Julien Gauthier, HM Honda, France
4. Michal Szuster, Yamaha, Poland
5. Marc Germain, Yamaha, FranceUSA E1:
10. Timmy Weigand, Honda
17. Damon Huffman, Kawasaki
21. Jamie Lanza, Kawasaki
26. Cory Buttrick, KTME2:
1. Rodrig Thain, TM, France
2. Luis Correia, Yamaha, Portugal
3. Joakim Ljunggren, Husaberg, Sweden
4. Alessandro Belometti, KTM, Italy
5. Carl Sjoo, Husaberg, SwedenUSA E2:
13. Russell Bobbitt, KTM
15. Destry Abbott, Kawasaki
(* Ricky Dietrich- OUT E2)E3:
1. Samuli Aro, KTM, Finland
2. Christophe Nambotin, Gas Gas, France
3. Antoine Meo, Husqvarna, France
4. Kurt Caselli, KTM, USA
5. Alex Salvini, Husqvarna, ItalyUSA E3:
13. Nathan Kanney, KTM(* David Kamo- OUT E3)Live results from the 2009 ISDE Live Scoring site
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