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Information is slow in coming from the other side of the globe but things are looking up for the USA Trophy Team as Kurt Caselli stands firm with his 4th place in the E3 class and Destry Abbott has a great day 4 and leaps into the top ten in the E2 class. The Trophy Team now rides in the top five, 20:54.59 behind the leader, Team France.Destry's reporting that the day four trail was the gnarliest trail riding he's ever done, and got into the top ten despite a crash in a test.In the overall Kurt Caselli stands in 7th, Destry Abbott 29th, Timmy Weigand 30th (which puts Abbott and Weigand on the same minute for day 5's riding), Russell Bobbitt 34th, Nathan Kanney 41st, Damon Huffman 54th, Jamie Lanza 61st, Cory Buttrick 65th.With two more days of racing anything can happen, check back here at dirtrider.com and take a look a the links at the bottom of this story to find out more and see some great videos and photos.After Day Four, here are the top five results in each Trophy class. Be sure to browse the links below for more information. Gofasters.com has some good shots up today in their gallery. Also, the isde.tv highlight video should be up this afternoon.World Trophy Team Top Five:
1. France
2. Italy
3. Australia
4. Sweden
5. USA* Finland dropped to 6th, moving Australia, Sweden, and USA each up one position from Day 3's standings in the World Trophy classificationJunior Trophy Team Top Five:
1. Spain
2. France
3. USA
4. Italy
5. Sweden*No changes to the top five teams placements here.Women's Cup
1. France
2. Sweden
3. Australia
4. USA
5. Finland*No changes to the top five teams placements here.It's not an individual race, but here are the top five individual class standings for each Enduro Class as well as the USA World and Junior Trophy Team member's positions in those classes after Day 4:E1:
1. Ero Remes, KTM, Finland
2. Simone Albergoni, KTM, Italy
3. Julien Gauthier, HM Honda, France
4. Michal Szuster, Yamaha, Poland
5. Fabio Mossini, HM-Honda, Italy*No changes to the top five teams placements here. The top five in the E1 class are now separated by 3:40:89USA E1:
9. Timmy Weigand, Honda
18. Damon Huffman, Kawasaki
22. Jamie Lanza, Kawasaki
23. Cory Buttrick, KTMDamon Huffman moves up 3 positions into 18th and Cory Buttrick is up two, to 23rd.E2:
1. Rodrig Thain, TM, France?
2. Luis Correia, Yamaha, Portugal
3. Cristobal Guerrero, Yamaha, Spain
4. Alessandro Belometti, KTM, Italy
5. Oscar Balletti, Honda, Italy*Oscar Balletti moves up one position from 6th to 5th.USA E2:
10. Destry Abbott, Kawasaki
17. Russell Bobbitt, KTMDestry Abbott has a great day four ad moves from 15th into the top ten. Russell Bobbitt drops 3 spots from 14th to 17th.(* Ricky Dietrich- OUT E2)E3:
1. Samuli Aro, KTM, Finland
2. Christophe Nambotin, Gas Gas, France
3. Antoine Meo, Husqvarna, France
4. Kurt Caselli, KTM, USA
5. Alex Salvini, Husqvarna, Italy*Samuli Aro makes a big push from third to first and leads by 38.70. Kurt Caselli is still in fourth, 2:08.51 behind the new leader.USA E3:
11. Nathan Kanney, KTM*Kanney stays in 13th after today.*Kanney moves up two positions to 11th.(* David Kamo- OUT E3)Live results from the 2009 ISDE Live Scoring site
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