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The IP Supercross once again, proved to be Italy's motocross event of the year. The first day was an all-around success, not only for the public (with a turnout of more than 13,000), but also for the first-rate show. Fans were witness to some exciting racing with unpredictable results all the way to the finish line. The heat races were very competitive, especially with the young American champions racing their best, competing to become Genoa's public favorite.

The Alessi brothers continued their roles as rising stars on the worldwide motocross scene with impressive results on both nights, bookending the top five finishers. Mike Alessi took the big win with a 2-1 finish. Another "stars and stripes" rider, Factory Honda's Billy Laninovich, was the big winner of night one and finished fourth the second night. And let's not forget the two-time world champion, Sebastien Tortelli, marking his return to full-time racing in Europe, choosing Genoa as his first European SX race. He finished out the weekend with a 3-3 finish, and Jeff Alessi finished with a 4-5.

Night OneThe night one semi-final victory went to French rider Sebastien Tortelli aboard his Factory KTM. He was able to stay behind one of the favorites for the final victory, Jeff Alessi, who sprinted at the start, firmly taking the lead and opening up a wide gap on the followers. The Californian KTM rider seemed able to easily lead the group until making an error, where he was passed by the French rider for the lead—less than two laps to the finish line.In the second semi-final Antoine Meo, racing as the new rider with Team Martin Honda, earned first place. Meo took the lead on the second lap, keeping it to the end without any problems, fending off attacks from the specialist, Davide Degli Esposti.The Main Event was definitely the most exciting race of the evening. Mike Alessi immediately jumped out to a strong lead, convincing everyone that he was perfectly capable of taking the win his first time racing in Genoa. Billy Laninovich worked on closing the gap after a difficult beginning, and tried to stay behind the KTM rider. The two riders spent a lot of energy battling one another for the victory. After a couple of failed tries, Laninovich finally made a successful pass on Mike Alessi to take the first night's win at Genoa. Also after an uneasy beginning, Sebastien Tortelli worked to close the gap on Jeff Alessi and eventually got around him to take the final podium position. Jeff hung on in the top five, but landed fourth place after Josh Hansen crashed.Night TwoIn front of more than five thousand fans, Californian Factory KTM rider Mike Alessi dominated the second night's Main Event from beginning to end, earning an important victory. The teenager from Apple Valley, after having taken the lead from the beginning, then increased his advantage lap after lap, gradually opening an impressive gap on his followers.After the first lap, Josh Hansen was second behind the aggressive Steve Boniface, but was soon able to work his way around the Frenchman. Hansen then set his sights on leader Mike Alessi and immediately began to close the gap Alessi had opened up. The two American riders (and KTM teammates) continued to fight throughout the rest of the race, even though they didn't quite draw near enough. Alessi was the first across the finish line.A worthy victory for the older Alessi: Mike signed his name in the IP Supercross history on his first attempt. Third place went to Sebastien Tortelli, a worthy podium finish considering he had to compete against compatriots Steve Boniface and American supercross winner Billy Laninovich, winner of the first night's race at the Genoa Supercross. Laninovich did not seem as aggressive and fast on night two as he did the day before.The winner in the Freestyle contest was Jeremy Stenberg, the crowd went wild for the Honda rider. He won the best-trick contest at Genoa, beating out Nate Adams, Kenny Bartram.Day 1 Main Event1. Billy Laninovich HON
2. Mike Alessi KTM
3. Sebastien Tortelli KTM
4. Jeff Alessi KTM
5. Davide Degli Esposti SUZ
6. Alex Salvini SUZ
7. Angelo Pellegrini SUZ
8. Roman Jelen SUZ
9. Stefano Dami YAM
10. Marco Maddi HON
Day 2 Main Event1. Mike Alessi KTM
2. Josh Hansen KTM
3. Sebastien Tortelli KTM
4. Billy Laninovich KTM
5. Jeff Alessi KTM
6. Angelo Pellegrini SUZ
7. Alex Salvini SUZ
8. Steve Boniface HON
9. Davide Degli Esposti SUZ
10. Antonie Meo HON

Former MXGP champion Sebastien Tortelli races his first Genoa SX.
The Italian Colliseum The Genoa track climbed to the first ring of the palasport.
Night one winner Billy Laninovich whips it.
Jeff Alessi missed the podium by one position the first day.
Josh Hansen was running fourth until a late race crash.
Billy Laninovich tops the podium on night one.
Jeff Alessi
Steve Boniface
Mike Alessi on the Sunday podium.