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Despite a number of injuries and mechanically-induced DNFs, the race up front in the different classifications of the 80th annual Maxxis International Six Days Enduro saw little if any change. Italy continued to lead both the World Trophy and Junior World Trophy divisions over France and Finland (in both).

The U.S. squads found the World Trophy six still in 11th place, but the Junior World Trophy foursome took advantage of some problems plaguing the countries in front of them on Day Three to finish Day Four ahead a couple spots to seventh.And in the Club standings, Italian teams took over the first two spots with a Czech trio dropping to third. For the U.S., the Desert Motorcycle Club (Teddy Hahn, Brandon Johnson and John Yates) took over as the best American Club team after finishing the day 21st. The New Jersey Ridge Runners—formerly the best American Club team—dropped from 22nd to 23rd.As for the unofficial and strictly honorary title of quick individual, British World Trophy team rider David Knight proved to be the class of the field, topping the test times more consistently than any other as he'd done the day before. The only problem he reportedly ran into was when it began raining as he was entering a test that rival Stefan Merriman from Australia was leaving. That, of course, changed the conditions considerably, and Knight found himself far off the pace that Merriman established there and lost considerable time. But only at that one test.Though it didn't rain over the entire course, it rained enough to make things extremely slick where moisture did fall. That's undoubtedly what led to U.S. World Trophy team rider John Barber falling on the pavement going into a check. His head slammed into a car while his bike took out an unidentified pit person. Barber went to the hospital for an overnight observation stay, and he wasn't the only one—on the U.S. or any other team.Daniel Janus from the Club team fell and broke his right wrist, dropping his team from contention.In addition, several riders fell victim to mechanical problems, like Rich Libengood whose bike stopped shifting. Or Rick Thomas, whose bike seized after something tore off a hose.But other countries also lost riders. As Chris Hardy, one of the U.S. pit captains, said, there were times in the middle of the pack when the pits would be empty of racers, a highly unusual occurrence.Despite the losses and growing fatigue felt by everyone, however, most entrants still praised the event as a tough yet enjoyable race. "Compared to other Six Days , this one seems to be a lot faster and harder to make the checks on time," Eric Ducray of the Merced Dirt Riders Club team said. "I like this type of riding, but if it rains, it's going to be ugly out there."And as if on cue, rain began to fall in the parc ferme as everyone left for the evening with more rain falling later and practically guaranteeing a very slippery and potentially hazardous Day Five. At 270 kilometers, it will be the longest day by far, mileage-wise, and it will again be run on "A" schedule.Unofficial Results After Day FourWorld Trophy
1. Italy
2. France
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Great Britain
6. Australia
7. Slovakia
8. Czech Republic
9. Portugal
10. Netherlands
11. USAJunior World Trophy
1. Italy
2. France
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Australia
6. Netherlands
7. USAClub
1. Motoclub Lumezzane/Italy
2. Motoclub Azzuri/Italy
3. Motoklub Jretin--Pfanner/Czech Republic
21. Desert M.C./USA (Teddy Hahn, Brandon Johnson, John Yates)
23. New Jersey Ridge Riders/USA (Brian Barnes, Wes McKnight, Luke McNeil)
36. Athens M.C./USA (Quinn Cody, Michael Jolly, Steve Morefield)
37. Boise Ridge Riders/USA (David Kamo, Rich Libengood, Derek Steahly)
41. Missouri Mudders/USA (Donald Murray, Rick Thomas, Lars Valin)
43. (Scott Bright, Dylan Debel, Daniel Janus)
46. Jafmar Racing/USA (Jay Hall, J.D. Hammock, Jeff Fredette)
62. Merced Dirt Riders/USA (Eric Ducray, Mark Johnson, Richard Jung)Class E1 (individuals)
1. Marc Germain/France
2. Simone Albergoni/Italy
3. Roman Michalik/Czech Republic
33. Fred Hoess/USA
34. Wally Palmer/USA
51. David Kamo/USA
57. Luke McNeil/USA
59. Teddy Hahn/USA
76. Donald Murray/USA
87. Brian Barnes/USAClass E2 (individuals)
1. Stefan Merriman/Australia
2. Samuli Aro/Finland
3. Petri Pohjamo/Finland
7. Kurt Caselli/USA
39. Jimmy Jarrett/USA
45. Russell Bobbitt/USA
53. Eric Ducray/USA
57. Ryan Powell/USA
60. Brandon Johnson/USA
85. Jeff Fredette/USA
93. Lars Valin/USA
99. Wes McKnight/USA
103. Derek Steahly/USA
113. Michael Jolly/USA
126. Richard Jung/USA
139. J.D. Hammock/USAClass E3 (individuals)
1. David Knight/Great Britain
2. Alessandro Zanni/Italy
3. Sebastien Guillaume/France
31. Aaron Kopp/USA
32. Quinn Cody/USA
34. Jason Dahners/USA
46. Dylan Debel/USA
48. Scott Bright/USA
62. John Yates/USA
70. Jay Hall/USA
84. Steve Morefield/USA