ISDE Day 5 - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

Rain on Day Five of the 80th annual Maxxis International Six Days Enduro was only thing that could make a tough event even more challenging, and that's what Mother Nature wreaked on the field. Of the 323 competitors who started Day Five (out of 382 who started on Day One), 50 failed to reach the finish. Among those who DNFed were two members of the French World Trophy team, spelling disaster for its chances of a podium finish, much less catching the Italians who continued to lead both that and the Junior World Trophy categories."It's way, way tougher ," Team USA Junior World Trophy rider Ryan Powell said. "Last year, it was dry , and even when it rained, it was still sandy and completely doable. I didn't lose any ; I didn't even come close to losing routes last year. (He dropped three points/minutes today after making a bad decision to change brake pads at a check instead of during his work period at the finish.)"This year, it's just fast and rocky and slick; it's pretty scary here and there."Still, with other teams losing points if not riders, the American contingent fared decently with its World Trophy team breaking into the top 10 for the first time all week at ninth place despite losing John Barber. He DNFed and spent the night in the hospital due to a possible concussion after he lost the front end while braking on the pavement and hit a car. The Juniors sat in eighth at day's end.The wet and super-slick Slovak terrain did hurt most of the U.S. Club teams, though the Desert Motorcycle Club's Teddy Hahn, Brandon Johnson and John Yates all hung in there and as a result moved up one to 20th.Unofficially, three Americans are still on gold-medal status with only the final day remaining. The final motocross will be at a former MX grand prix track that's been closed for about seven years due to highway construction in the area. It is fast and hilly and should be a wonderful, if somewhat muddy, venue.Unofficial standings after Day FiveWorld Trophy
1. Italy
2. Finland
3. Sweden
4. Great Britain
5. Australia
6. Slovakia
7. Czech Republic
8. Portugal
9. USAJunior World Trophy
1. Italy
2. France
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Australia
6. Slovakia
7. Czech Republic
8. USAClub
1. Motoclub Lumezzane/Italy
2. Motoklub Jiretin--Pfanner/Czech Republic
3. KTM Polska & Motoklub Olsztyn/Poland
20. Desert M.C./USA (Teddy Hahn, Brandon Johnson, John Yates)
33. Boise Ridge Riders/USA (David Kamo, Rich Libengood, Derek Steahly)
38. New Jersey Ridge Riders/USA (Brian Barnes, Wes McKnight, Luke McNeil)
41. (Scott Bright, Dylan Debel, Daniel Janus)
42. Jafmar Racing/USA (Jeff Fredette, Jay Hall, J.D. Hammock)
45. Athens M.C./USA (Quinn Cody, Michael Jolly, Steve Morefield)
51. Missouri Mudders/USA (Donald Murray, Rick Thomas, Lars Valin)
62. Merced Dirt Riders/USA (Eric Ducray, Mark Johnson, Richard Jung)Class E1 (individual)
1. Mika Ahola/Finland
2. Bartosz Oblucki/Poland
3. Alessandro Belometti/Italy
18. Fred Hoess/USA
40. Wally Palmer/USA
60. Teddy Hahn/USA
62. David Kamo/USA
63. Luke McNeil/USAClass E2 (individual)
1. Paul Edmondson/Great Britain
2. Samuli Aro/Finland
3. Stefan Merriman/Australia
7. Kurt Caselli/USA
37. Jimmy Jarrett/USA
58. Eric Ducray/USA
75. Brandon Johnson/USA
76. Jeff Fredette/USA
81. Ryan Powell/USA
83. Russell Bobbitt/USA
108. Derek Steahly/USA
123. Michael Jolly/USA
124. J.D. Hammock/USA
126. Lars Valin/USAClass E3 (individual)
1. David Knight/Great Britain
2. Sebastien Guillaume/France
3. Helder Rodrigues/Portugal
36. Aaron Kopp/USA
41. Jason Dahners/USA
43. Dylan Debel/USA
48. Cody Mastin/USA
55. Scott Bright/USA
61. Rich Libengood/USA
62. John Yates/USA
66. Quinn Cody/USA
68. Jay Hall/USA