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Carmichael finished out another undefeated season at Glen Helen, but the excitement and drama of the day was definitely in the 125 class. Mike Alessi drew even nearer to taking the 125 Championship from Ivan Tedesco after the first moto, but ultimately, it was a good day for Kawasaki. Grant Langston took the overall victory aboard the new 2006 KX250F, rookie Ryan Villopoto landed his first podium, and after a hard battle in a brutal second moto, Tedesco walked away with the title.Members of the US Motocross des Nations team, Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham and Ivan Tedesco, all ran their MXdN numbers and graphics over the weekend - RC with a 101 plate, Windham with 103, and Tedesco running a 102 plate. It was cool to see them all getting pumped up for the event, but it was a little confusing seeing two number 103 plates on the track (AMA #103 belonging to Sebastien Tortelli). I kept seeing Carmichael thinking, "Wow, David Pingree is really hauling butt!"250 Class

With first and second places already awarded to Carmichael and Windham, respectively, the battle was between Fonseca and Vuillemin for third. They came in to Glen Helen at a dead tie, and in the last few motos, they've put on some good shows. But their battle during Saturday's practice was more dramatic than Sunday's race.During the first moto, RC grabbed the holeshot followed by Windham, Vuillemin and Fonseca. The top four positions remained the same from the first lap to the checkered flag. Ryan Hughes aboard a Suzuki 450 started off fifth closely followed by Sebastien Tortelli. The two diced a bit with Tortelli getting around Hughes, but a blunder soon after that handed fifth back to Hughes, who took it to the finish.In the second moto, Fonseca showed how badly he wanted it by almost grabbing the holeshot, but RC got his bike up front first. Fonseca moved into second trailed closely by Windham who ran as a buffer between Fonseca and Vuillemin who followed in fourth. Fonseca, Windham and Vuillemin ran in close proximity throughout the moto. Windham remained behind Fonseca, in front of DV to ensure his teammate would bring home the final 250 Championship podium position. Their positions remained the same with Fonseca taking second overall for the day followed by Windham with a 2-3 and Vuillemin with a 2-4. The two-stroke of Michael Byrne rounded out the top five followed by Travis Preston, Kyle Lewis, Tortelli and Hughes.Carmichael wrapped up another undefeated season with his double victory, Windham finished out his season strong and third overall in the 250 AMA Motocross Championships was awarded to Ernesto Fonseca. David Vuillemin finished in fourth, a mere two points behind Fonseca, and Travis Preston completes the top five for the season.125 ClassAlthough Tedesco nearly had the championship in the bag, Alessi was still within striking distance. With a 35 point lead, all Tedesco needed to do was finish in the top ten to wrap up the title. The only thing that could possibly hand it to Alessi would be a DNF, but anything can - and almost did - happen.In the first moto, Tedesco crashed on the first lap after tangling with another rider, and ended up almost dead last. He struggled through the rest of the moto, desparately trying to make ground, but ultimately only salvaging 22nd place. Meanwhile, Mike Alessi had taken over the lead from Grant Langston aboard the new 2006 KX250F. Alessi and Langston battled for the lead all the way up until the last lap. Alessi took the lead back from Langston during the last laps of the moto. On the white flag lap, Langston was on Alessi's heels when he washed out in a turn and ended up off the track. Rather than getting back on where he went off, Langston cut the track and was right back on Alessi. Langston made another pass on Alessi for the lead shortly after and took the checkers, but after reviewing Langston's move, he was penalized five seconds, handing the moto win to Mike Alessi. Ryan Villopoto finished an impressive third followed by Andrew Short and Danny Smith.Tedesco had lost his points buffer after his terrible first moto, so the heat was on in the second moto. Alessi, with his first Pro Championship title now within reach, was hungrier than ever. Right off the start of the second moto, the gloves came off. Alessi was surrounded by a sea of green coming off the line and had to fight his way through elbows to get up front. He still managed to squeeze his way out front along side Tedesco. The two battled throughout the first lap until coming together in a corner after the longest straightaway on the track. They were both pinned, racing neck and neck into the sandy turn where they came together in a high speed crash that sent them both tumbling to the ground.
As they scrambled to get their bikes up, Alessi was standing on Tedesco's KX-F which caused the two of them to have some words and shoving back and forth. Nearly the entire field went by while the drama continued. Pro Circuit Kawasaki teammate Matt Walker saw what was happening as he passed by the mess, flipped a U-turn, got off his bike and came to Tedesco's aide. The tangle finally broke up and everyone remounted their bikes, but Alessi was the last one to get going. Tedesco and Alessi both immediately charged ahead, trying to make ground through the field, with Alessi still behind Matt Walker. On lap four through the deep whoop section, Walker endoed into the face of a double. His day ended quickly as he was knocked out cold on impact, and carted off on the Asterisk Mule.Meanwhile, up front, it was Monster Kawasaki rookie Ryan Villopoto with the lead over his teammate Grant Langston. Jeff Alessi was also up front early, running in the top five for the first half of the race. Langston eventually got around young Villopoto for the lead. Andrew Short followed in third place followed by another Monster Kawasaki rider, Paul Carpenter, in fourth. Tedesco was able to climb his way up to an impressive eleventh place finish - enough to claim the title. Alessi had battled his way up to fourteenth place, but his drama wasn't over yet.On the last lap, Alessi got cross-rutted going over the tabletop before Yahama hill. He ditched the bike in mid air and hit the ground hard. The flagger wasn't able to stop Jesse Casillas before he was already airborne, and he landed on Alessi. Casillas was okay, but Alessi was carted off on the Mule with a possible broken arm.Langston, Villopoto and Short celebrated on the podium along with Tedesco, who was awarded the 125 AMA Motocross Championship number one plate. When asked about his tangle with Alessi, Tedesco matter-of-factly replied, "What can I say? The guy's an idiot."Even with a DNF, Alessi still scored eighth overall and claimed his second place title for the season. Short, Langston and Brown rounded out the top five finishers in the 2005 125 Championship Series.Glen Helen Motocross - 250 Results
1. Ricky Carmichael, Suzuki (1-1)
2. Kevin Windham, Honda (2-3)
3. Ernesto Fonseca, Honda (4-2)
4. David Vuillemin, Yamaha (3-4)
5. Michael Byrne, Kawasaki (8-5)
6. Travis Preston, Honda (7-6)
7. Sebastien Tortelli, Suzuki (6-8)
8. Ryan Hughes, Suzuki (5-9)
9. Kyle Lewis, Honda (11-7)
10. Jeff Dement, Suzuki (10-11)
11. Sean Collier, Honda (12-10)
12. Ryan Clark, Honda (14-13)
13. R. Owens, Suzuki (13-14)
14. J. Thomas, Honda (16-12)
15. Sean Hamblin, Kawasaki (9-32)
16. J. Woods, Suzuki (36-15)
17. Ryan Abrigo, Honda (15-30)
18. C. Johnson, Suzuki (24-16)
19. Justin Buckelew, Honda (18-19)
20. M. Young, Honda (17-20)Glen Helen Motocross - 125 Results
1. Grant Langston, Kawasaki (2-1)
2. Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki (3-2)
3. Andrew Short, Honda (4-3)
4. Danny Smith, Yamaha (5-6)
5. Paul Carpenter, Kawasaki (12-5)
6. Ryan Sipes, Suzuki (9-8)
7. Billy Laninovich, Honda (7-10)
8. Mike Alessi, KTM (1-22)
9. Mike Brown, Honda (16-4)
10. Jeff Alessi, KTM (11-9)
11. Brett Metcalfe, Yamaha (8-12)
12. Matt Walker, Kawasaki (6-33)
13. Ryan Mills, KTM (35-7)
14. M. Sleeter, KTM (15-15)
15. Joaquim Rodrigues, Honda (18-13)
16. J. Lawrence, Suzuki (10-28)
17. Ivan Tedesco, Kawasaki (22-11)
18. Michael Blose, Honda (19-14)
19. Steve Boniface, Honda (13-36)
20. Robert Kiniry, Honda (14-21)Final Championship Point Standings - 250 Class
1. 594 Ricky Carmichael
2. 485 Kevin Windham
3. 392 Ernesto Fonseca
4. 390 David Vuillemin
5. 308 Travis Preston
6. 294 Michael Byrne
7. 273 John Dowd
8. 253 Chad Reed
9. 233 Nick Wey
10. 152 Jeff Dement
11. 147 Ryan Clark
12. 138 James Stewart
13. 118 Jason Thomas
14. 111 Juss Laansoo
15. 103 Sean Collier
16. 94 Justin Buckelew
17. 82 Ryan Hughes
18. 79 Matt Goerke
19. 75 Kyle Lewis
20. 72 Josh WoodsFinal Championship Point Standings - 125 Class
1. 412 Ivan Tedesco
2. 392 Mike Alessi
3. 374 Andrew Short
4. 363 Grant Langston
5. 335 Mike Brown
6. 321 Broc Hepler
7. 302 Josh Grant
8. 268 Davi Millsaps
9. 239 Matt Walker
10. 194 Danny Smith
11. 189 Paul Carpenter
12. 156 Ryan Sipes
13. 154 Kelly Smith
14. 149 Billy Laninovich
15. 136 Ryan Mills
16. 135 Josh Lawrence
17. 132 Tommy Hahn
18. 108 Brett Metcalfe
19. 107Ryan Hughes
20. 83 Ryan Villopoto

David Vuillemin missed the championship podium by two points with his 2-4 finish.
Fonseca and DV had a more exciting battle during Saturday's practice.
Ricky Carmichael also raced with his US MXdN number and graphics.
You mess with one Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider, you mess with them all...
Danny Smith finished fourth overall with a 5-6 for the day.
Matt Walker endoed in the whoops, knocking himself out.
Honda's Andrew Short's 4-3 earned him third overall, and third in the Championship.