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After sitting out a day because his partner was on his game and didn't require assistance, Johnny Campbell did his share to keep him and Steve Hengeveld at the top of the charts on day two of the McMillin Nevada 1000. In doing so, the Honda duo led an XR650R sweep of the top three places for the day, which started and finished in Tonopah. The four-day race concludes on Sunday, July 10, and serves as round four of Best in the Desert's Silver State Series.Day two was about 50 percent longer than day one. A 331-mile-long loop course that started and finished in Tonopah, it basically made a large sweep to the northwest, crossing over several mountain ranges en route to Gabbs, where it turned back southeast towards the former mining town.Campbell admitted he was a bit concerned that he might be a bit off after not racing the first day, but his fears were unfounded. "Right away, I kind of got into the mode; it took me a couple miles, but I got my race face on before I got on ," he said. "I was in the mood."But he was also a bit lucky as he narrowly missed a pair of cows while going through Dunlap Pass (elevation 8500 feet). This was shortly after taking over the bike from Hengeveld, who'd come into the pits with a flat rear tire. Fortunately, their pit crew took just 54 seconds to replace both wheels and top off the tank. Their unofficial winning time for the day was five hours, 55 minutes and 19 seconds. Combined with their winning time of yesterday, they added another couple minutes to their unofficial overall lead.Second all day but first in Four-stroke Pro was Mike Childress. Though partner Chuck Dempsey stood by just in case, Childress soloed the distance as planned, not losing too much ground to Campbell and Hengeveld to finish in an unofficial 5:57:54. That put him comfortably in front of Tonopah novices Robby Bell and Kendall Norman who clocked an unofficial 6:00:36." Bruce went over the times with me," Childress said. "In four of the sections Steve was fastest. In four of the sections I was fastest, and in four of the sections Kendall was fastest so we're all right there in the ball park. It's just going to come down to who doesn't make any mistakes, I think."Team Green racers Shane Esposito and David Pearson didn't really make any mistakes on their KX500 (with Esposito clocking the fastest time in one section according to Ogilvie's notes), and they stayed close in fourth overall for the majority of the day. But near the end, all of the motor mounts broke, and the ensuing vibration made it difficult to simply hang on, plus it made shifting difficult and even seemed to affect the rear brake negatively. Instead of gaining ground, they gave up a bit, finishing in an unofficial 6:02:40.Among the front-runners, only Chris Blais and Andy Grider managed to improve upon their starting position. The KTM 690 LC4 Rally racers started the day sixth and finished fifth in 6:04:02, unofficially.The day's hard luck award probably should go to Ironman Amateur racer Ryan Hanna. Apparently, he blacked out due to breathing fuel vapor while on his used KTM 625 SXC and crashed, earning a DNF for the day. This is after his truck's transmission grenaded en route to the pre-race activities in Las Vegas. He had to leave his truck and trailer, cram as much as he could into a friend's mini truck and use that as his chase truck and sleeping quarters. In addition, he said, this is his first-ever race—and he's determined to finish.Unofficial Nevada 1000 Motorcycle Results - Day Two
1. Johnny Campbell/Steve Hengeveld, Honda XR650R
2. Mike Childress, Honda XR650R
3. Robby Bell/Kendall Norman, Honda XR650R
4. Shane Esposito/David Pearson, Kawasaki KX500
5. Chris Blais/Andy Grider, KTM 690 LC4 Rally
6. Nick Fain/Josh Wilson, Honda CR500R
7. Marc Coma/Kellon Walch, KTM 525 M/XC
8. Paul Emerson/Gil Grieve, KTM 525 M/XC
9. Charlie Barney/Steve Pitts, ATK 605