Dirt Bike News - 2004 Mammoth MX - Dirt Rider Magazine

Doug Dubach, Ty Davis, Jeremy McGrath and Jeff Ward put on quite a show during the four Vet pro motos held this weekend. Mammoth's Vet program includes two separate days of racing with two motos and overall results each day as well as combined overall results for the weekend.McGrath won three of the four motos but suffered a flat tire in Saturday's moto two. That flat tire set up an incredible battle for Saturday's overall between Ty Davis and Doug Dubach. Dubach had finished second in the first moto with Davis making a critical last lap pass on Jeff Ward. Davis held off Dubach's aggressive attacks to win moto two and Saturday's overall.On Sunday, McGrath dominated both motos for the overall while Davis and Dubach again fought all the way to the finish of the second moto to settle their overall positions for the day and weekends overall. Dubach had again finished second to McGrath in the first moto. Davis passed Dubach early in the moto but Dubach would not let him get away. Late in the moto, Dubach made a pass stick and took second in the moto to secure second overall for Sunday and more important, the overall win for the weekend. Davis finished third for the day and second overall for the weekend while Jeff Ward (who, like Doug Dubach, is eligible for the 40+ class) finished fourth on the day and third overall for the weekend.Racing at Mammoth continues with mini's during the week and Open 125 and 250 classes racing Friday through Saturday. Check back on Dirtrider.com for more results from Mammoth MX throughout the week.

Doug Dubach went 2-2 for the overall win at Mammoth's Vet pro MX.
Jeremy McGrath won 3 of 4 Vet pro motos at Mammoth.
Jeff Ward finished third overall for the weekend.
Ty Davis won Saturday's overall after holding off Dubach in the second moto.