2004 Mammoth Mountain Motocross - News - Dirt Rider

Open Day: Friday, June 25thIn the Open Pro main, Timmy Weigand put his TRE Honda 450 at front of the pack. Weigand and Jeremy McGrath diced for a few laps before Jeremy made the pass stick and began to distance himself from the pack. Rusty Holland had his Honda CRF450R working as he pounded his way to second place. Weigand finished third just ahead of the first two-stroke, KX500 mounted Richie Owens, who finished just ahead of Yamaha's off-road legend Ty Davis.125 Day: Saturday, June 26thIt was Suzuki's Kyle Partridge with the lead early in the 125cc Main. Jeremy McGrath was working his way up from an unusually bad start. Jeremy was on the gas, making an outside pass on Yamaha of Troy's Josh Hansen on a tough, off-camber turn when Hansen came out of his berm and ran into McGrath, knocking Jeremy to the ground. By this time, Honda of Houston rider Tommy Hahn had taken the lead and was laying down some quick laps. McGrath was quickly back up and running, but not before Hahn picked up a 30 second gap on him. McGrath was gaining about 3 seconds a lap on Hahn, but the best Jeremy could do with the laps left to run was 3rd. Honda's Tommy Hahn took first— likely his biggest career win yet. Suzuki's Josh Lichtle finished second, while Yamaha mounted Nick Adams and Kawasaki's Kyle Chisholm rounded out the top five.250 Day: Sunday, June 27thFor the 250 Pro final, they increased the moto from the previous day's 10 laps to 30 min +2 laps. Jeff Ward took the hole shot on his Pro Circuit Honda as the pack charged up the hill, with Timmy Weigand and Jeremy McGrath in tow. McGrath got by Weigand and then Ward to take the lead. Recovering from a mid pack start was 125 pro winner Tommy Hahn, but coming even further back was Suzuki's Sebastian Tortelli. Tortelli was out horse-powered on the sandy, whooped-out uphill, but he made up for lost ground by attacking the downhill, and railing the corners all the way up to an impressive fourth place finish. Rusty Holland kept the pressure on Weigand, and Weigand, in turn, kept the pressure on McGrath in the battle for first. Whenever it seemed like Jeremy had a cushion, he would back off a little, but Weigand answered right back by closing the gap. Weigand kept McGrath on his toes throughout the entire moto, but ultimately Jeremy McGrath took the final win of the 37th Annual Mammoth Mountain Motocross.Will there be a Mammoth Mountain Motocross in 2005?Jeremy McGrath won what may be the final moto to ever take place at the track located just off of Sherwin Creek Road. The future of Inyo Forest's Mammoth MX Track is in the balance as the city is discusses the fate of the track, and the event at Mammoth Mountain. We'll have updates on the efforts to keep the Mammoth MX going, and let you know what you can do to help keep this classic motocross event alive.Results:****Southern California Ford Dealers Open/Schoolboy/Women Racing Schoolboy Final
1.) Eric Mc Crummen, Kaw
2.) Michael LaPaglia, Suz
3.) Josh Lichtle, Suz
4.) Daniel Sani, Suz
5.) Sean HackleyOpen Junior
1.) Austin Eitel, Hon
2.) Karson Kavanagh, Hon
3.) Randy Commans, Yam
4.) Jake Kapostins, Yam
5.) Kevin Bey, HonOpen Intermediate
1.) Michael LaPaglia, Suz
2.) Tyler Keefe, Hon
3.) Kendall Norman, Hon
4.) Charlie Hartzell, Hon
5.) Kevin Urquhart, HonOpen Pro
1.) Jeremy McGrath, Hon
2.) Rusty Holland, Hon
3.) Timmy Weigand, Hon
4.) Richie Owens, Kaw
5.) Ty Davis, YamWomens Results will be posted Wednesday****Fritz Phlock/TRE 125cc Racing****125 Junior
1.) Andy Straight, Hon
2.) Ryan Ferris, Hon
3.) Jake Gilbert, Yam
4.) Jared Partridge, Suz
5.) Curtis Sweezey, Kaw125 Intermediate
1.) Daniel Sani, Suz
2.) Matt Boni, Kaw
3.) Josh Hill, Yam
4.) Jarred Browne, Suz
5.) Michael LaPaglia125 Pro
1.) Tommy Hahn, Hon
2.) Josh Lichtle, Suz
3.) Jeremy McGrath, Hon
4.) Nick Adams, Yam
5.) Kyle Chisholm, KawDirt Digits 250cc Racing****250 Junior
1.) Austin Eitel, Hon
2.) Andy Straight, Hon
3.) Clay Patterson, Hon
4.) Randy Commans, Yam
5.) Jonathan Robinson, Yam250 Intermediate
1.) Chris Nihan, Hon
2.) Daniel Sani, Suz
3.) Jared Browne, Suz
4.) Kendall Norman, Hon
5.) Larry Reese Jr, Hon250 Pro
1.) Jeremy McGrath, Hon
2.) Timmy Weigand, Hon
3.) Rusty Holland, Hon
4.) Sebastian Tortelli, Suz
5.) Nathan Woods, Yam

Weigand leads McGrath early in the Open Pro Main.
Richie Owens' KX500 was the first two-stroke across the line in the Open Pro.
The fans came out for the final weekend of the 37th Annual Mammoth MX.
Open Intermediate winner Michael LaPaglia
Open Jr. winner, 13-year old Austin Eitel.
What a track! The crew at Mammoth did an incredible job.