AMA Supermoto, Laguna Seca Raceway - News - Dirt Rider

It was an amazing weekend at Laguna Seca with the AMA debuting their first new form of racing since supercross. Considering the area the AMA crew was forced to work with while the World Superbike round took off that same weekend, the event went off fairly well. Like all new forms of racing, there is usually going to be teething period.In front of a huge crowed, former motocross and supercross hero Jeff Ward defeated former world motocross champion Kurt Nicholl and seven-time supercross champion Jeremy McGrath. MC lead the early fight but it was Ward and Nicholl laying on the pressure until his Troy Lee teammate made a slight mistake and dropped from first to third in a split second. McGrath wasn't able to close the gap and it was then a battle between KTM mounted Nichol and Honda mounted Wardy. A lapper held up Ward to let Nichol ride up his rear fender but Ward was able to hold off the late charge to take the first ever AMA Red Bull supermoto 450cc event victor.During the KTM Unlimited race on Saturday, it was a KTM slaughter fest as Nicholl caught and made a pass on his fellow Katoom teammate Joe Kop to take the win. The tight track was a little much for the mighty open bikes but it still made for good racing.The top riders from each event will qualify for a single winner-take-all championship round that will take place in Las Vegas later this year.For more information on the AMA supermoto series, visit their web site at** RED BULL SUPERMOTO Final1. Jeff Ward (Hon)
2. Kurt Nicoll (KTM)
3, Jeremy McGrath (Hon)
4. Alexandre Thiebault (Hon)
5. Steve Drew (Hon)
6. Joe Kopp (KTM)
7. Mark Avard (KTM)
8. Fabien Rolland (Yam)
9. Mike Metzger (Hon)
10. Mark Burkhart
11. Christopher Fillmore (KTM)
12. Matt Burton (Yam)
13. Nick Daniels (Hon)
14. Casey Yarrow (Hon)
15. Larry Pegram (KTM)
16. Dustin Nelson (Yam)
17. Rich Alexander (Hon)
18. Gary Trachy (Hon)
19. Mark Cernicky (Hon)
20. Aaron Howe (Hon)
21. Doug Chandler (KTM)
22. David Deveau (Hon)
23. Bruce Hanlon (Hon)
24. J.R. Schnabel (Yam)
25. Mike Cinqmars (Hon)
26. Mike Smith (Yam)
27. Chris Carr (Suz)
28. Andy Harrington (Hon)
1. Kurt Nicoll (KTM)
2. Joe Kopp (KTM);
3. Christopher Fillmore (KTM);
4. Steve Drew (Hon)
5. Leonardo Bagnis (Ver)
6. Gary Trachy (KTM)
7. Larry Pegram (KTM)
8. Casey Yarrow (KTM)
9. Mickey Dymond (KTM)
10. Josh Chisum (KTM)
11. Doug Chandler (KTM)
12. Benny Carlson (KTM)
13. Phil Gee (Ver)
14. Chuck McCarty (KTM)
15. Mark Cernicky (KTM)
16. Chuck Sun (KTM)
17. Tyler Sandell (Yam)
18. Darrick Lucchesi (Ver)
19. Jeff Harrington (Ver)
20. Jeff Matiasevich (Kaw)
21. Al Salaverria (KTM)
22. Erik Schaffer (Hon)
23. Craig Jones (KTM)
24. Rick Pearce (Hon)
25. Kenny Bartram (KTM)
26. Mike Foster (Ver)
27. Mark Avard (Hbg)
28. Mike Krynock (KTM)