Pro Secrets: Training - Stationary Bike Warm-Up With Billy Laninovich - Dirt Rider Magazine

In addition to the tantalizing works equipment that can be found in the pro pits, almost every major team also parks a much different kind of bike under its awning-the exercise bikes. Although not used for conditioning purposes, these stationary bikes are invaluable warm-up tools for almost every rider. We caught Lites class contender and crowd favorite Billy Laninovich spinning, and he was happy to give us the lowdown on the cheapest bikes under the SoBe/No Fear/Samsung/Honda wireless tent.While I usually like to stretch before a race, I always make it a point to warm up on the exercise bike, too. I find that if I get my blood flowing first, I will ride much better when I actually get out onto the track. Most times I'll get on the bicycle around 20 minutes before I have to ride. This gives me enough time to warm up my muscles, but not too much time to where I start to cool down again. I usually ride it for about 15 minutes, but sometimes I will go as long as 30 if it feels right. It also gets my lungs opened up.As far as the actual pedaling goes, there really isn't much to it; I just try to find an even rhythm that will help me get warm. You definitely don't want to wear yourself out, but breaking a small sweat will be helpful. I will just sit down and pedal in my Gaernes and everything. Using the exercise bike is also a great way to clear my head before I go out on the bike. With so much going on in the pits, it's good to kind of slow down and focus before I ride. This is definitely one of the best things that I do to get myself in race mode.