You Can Help! - We Want Your Trail Tips - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hey all you readers and riders/handymen, we are looking for some cool trail tips. If there is anything you would like to share that you have come up with, built, engineered, rigged, thrown together and slightly or significantly modified that improves your riding on the trails or at the track then we would love to hear about it. This can be anything from a simple "brake snake" made out of some panty hose to the ultimate skid plate that makes you and your bike unstoppable. Maybe you guys aren't that crazy but we know you're creative with tricks up your sleeves.

Anyways, we do not pay for this content but it's a great way to get yourself into the pages of Dirt Rider and earn anywhere from a column to a half page of ink. In order to participate, we are asking for a small bit of text (50 to 250 words) that covers what you have come up with, how to go about making it and putting it together, the benefits of the tool, part, modification etc., and basic costs wouldn't hurt. Throw in some pictures of your creation and that's a Trail Tip! We look forward to getting some great stuff and getting you guys published. Stay safe on the trails and at the tracks, and like always, have as much fun as possible!Got a Trail Tip? Send it and some pictures to, subject: Trail Tips.