Riding Off-Camber Corners Over A Rise with Andrew Short - Pro Secrets - Dirt Rider Magazine

They say races are won in the corners, but some turns are trickier than others. Andrew Short gave up some tips on the fast way around when it feels like the ground is falling out from under you--as in the case of an off-camber turn like the one over this supercross rise."You want to slow up a little more than with a typical turn because your momentum is going to want to carry you down the slope.""Be patient with the throttle. If you get on it at the same point as you would with a typical turn, your back end will step out from you.""I'm weighting the outside footpeg, I'm on the outside of the seat with my butt, and my body is straight. This allows the bike to be leaned over while keeping the force perpendicular with the ground. It gives you maximum traction while on a lean angle.""You want to have more rolling speed, because when you get on the throttle your rear wheel's going to want to step down. So you want to brake a little early and roll into the turn.""When there is a rut, aim for the inside of the rut (when entering). If you go for the center, sometimes you'll miss it with your rear wheel. Make sure before you accelerate that both wheels are in.""For every turn you have to look ahead, and that's especially true in the off-camber. If you're looking down in front of you, you'll find the bike standing up. My head is down here because I'm trying to find the rut as I'm going up and over the rise."For more info on one of the nicest racers on the circuit check out www.andrewshort.com.