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Dean Olsen is a certified Gary Semics Motocross School instructor and travels the globe teaching everyone from absolute beginners to top-level pros how to nail down proper technique. When we asked for a fast tip, he threw down a quick lesson on jump dynamics.More height and distance: When you want more height and distance out of a jump or whoop, use your body weight to help load, then unload the suspension upon compression and rebound.Less height and distance: When you want less height and distance, use your body movement to absorb the compression and rebound part of the jump. Let the motorcycle come up under you by giving a little in your elbows and knees.There are really only two ways to jump a motorcycle: jumping for height and jumping for speed. Learn the basics of these before worrying about scrubbing and whipping your way to quicker lap times.Jumping for Maximum Distance and Height:****Jumping For Maximum Speed And Minimum Height:Those are the basics of jump dynamics. Practice them on a safe tabletop that you can control yourself over and get used to feeling the difference between jumping for max height and distance and jumping for speed.

01 Approach the jump in a neutral attack riding position, balls of your feet on the pegs, legs bent, head over the bar.
02 As you elevate up the face of the jump preload the suspension by pushing down with your legs. Just before takeoff, stand up like you're bunny-hopping a bicycle and let the suspension rebound.
03 As you lift off, the bike's rebounding suspension will increase your loft and have you jumping farther and higher than by just cruising off the lip without preloading.
01 Approach the jump in the attack riding position. As you elevate up the face of the jump, let the bike move freely underneath you.
02 Just before takeoff, allow your legs to absorb the last bit of elevation increase the bike is going through. Bend your knees and your elbows and let the bike come up to you. It's important to maintain your position, front to rear, on the bike for a level fl ight. Don't get too far forward or back.
03 As you lift off, your body will absorb quite a bit of your bike's upward momentum and you'll fl y lower and, coincidentally, less far. This, in theory, allows you to tackle jump obstacles at greater speeds than by preloading.