Walking The Track - Dirt Rider Magazine

Before every pro supercross race even begins, most riders take a lap around the track on foot. But they aren't just walking for the exercise; riders use the track walk as a time to evaluate lines, determine jump combinations and prepare for the race. According to AMA Lites racer Logan Darien, the track walk can be just as useful to beginners at a local track as it is to serious pros. Below, Darien explains the basics of a supercross track walk, which can be applied at any level of racing.When I'm walking the track, I also like to study a section and decide which lines are going to deteriorate throughout the race in case I need to pick an alternate line. Picking the jumps that I am going to do is actually pretty easy. As a rule, you should know what you can and can't do just by walking it. After all, you know your own ability and what you can and can't do.The first thing I do on the track walk is to just look around and check out the dirt. Obviously, some spots are going to be wetter than others, and you really need to pay attention to that because it determines which sections are going to have the best traction, as well as which sections are going to rut out. It is very important to know where the good dirt is.Find out exactly what you can do in your first practice; it will help you a lot for the race. Starting the day off with a good pace will help you be faster for the remainder of the day; it's that simple. My goal in practice is to have my race line dialed by the third lap and to be going race pace by then. Guys will do some gnarly stuff here and there, but you should pretty much aim to have everything figured out by the third or fourth lap. Then start pinning it! But having a good idea of the track is what builds up to this, and that is why it is crucial to use the track walk to your advantage.