Pro Riding Secrets: Uphill Jumps with Mike Brown - Dirt Rider Magazine

1. Brown approaches the jump in a straight line aboard his Yamaha of Troy YZ250F. He's standing up with his knees bent and his head over the handlebar, and he has already determined how much speed he'll need to clear all three jumps.2. He jumps with the front wheel a little higher than the rear wheel and maintains a steady throttle all the way off the first jump.3. In midflight, he adjusts to a neutral body position and starts to let gravity lower the front end of the motorcycle. By holding a neutral position, he has the ability to change the angle of the motorcycle by leaning forward or backward and by adjusting rear-wheel speed.
4. The goal is to clear the third rise and land on the downside. You don't want to clip the top of the third jump; otherwise, it will upset the balance of the bike. Brown has jumped 10 to 12 feet high, but his descent is less than half that because of the uphill aspect of the jump. He's now standing straight up and preparing to let the suspension absorb the landing.5. Brown lands with the rear wheel first, but only barely. Notice that he's already on the throttle, and his weight is still centered with his head directly over the handlebar.