Action Sports Cam miniature camera

The Action Sports Cam miniature color camera is the very latest in video technology. As you can see by the photo, this camera mounts easily, and is light enough (1.2 ounces) to put just about anywhere. This tiny camera also houses the microphone for full audio as well as video.Mount this camera on your visor with only a small hole and one fastener, or on your bars with an available bar mount kit. The bracket still pivots after mounting for adjustment of your view to get just the right picture.The Action Sports Cam is a camera kit. You still need to have a recording device like a deck or camera. This kit includes: high resolution color camera with audio microphone, rechargeable batter with 14 hours of life, battery charger, camera mount hardware, small Allen wrench, and a weather resistant carrying case for when you're not shooting. This is all you need to connect to your camera, and start shooting. Also available is a LANC remote control for easy start/stop, pause/record, and power on/off. This eliminates recording all your set-up and putting on gear. Record only just what you want to, when you want to.Action Sports Cams has developed an excellent way to connect and disconnect quickly the camera and microphone wires. There is a single easy clip connection. That's right, one connection. Connect this to your camera in a fanny pack or backpack and have only one wire to connect to your helmet.This is a durable and vibration sturdy unit that we have really put to the test. Comparable systems for on-helmet cameras cost thousands. This tiny camera only costs $495.00.To contact Action Sports Cams, visit or call 562-493-6439.