Make Your Bike Feel Newer

Off-road machines by their nature will suffer from severe wear and tear. Fortunately new bikes last so much longer than their older cousins.If you want to postpone buying that new bike, or if you just want to keep that "new bike feel" a little longer, there are some things you can do.First, check all your controls. Cables will suffer first, so keep them lubed properly every ride. A cable-lubing tool doesn't cost much, and is a fast and efficient way to do the job. You will get so used to having that you won't know how you lived without it. This tool allows the lube of your choice (use a spray oil, not a solvent) to be sprayed into the inside of the cable, with minimal over-spray. Also check your lever controls. As your clutch and brake levers get worked during riding, the perch can get pried apart. This wiggle up and down can make the whole bike feel really sloppy. You might get away with simply tightening the bolt, but in most cases you will need to replace the perch.Second, secure all motor mounts and fasteners on the exhaust system. These are the main sources of vibration, and vibration makes the bike feel used. Consider using a thread locking adhesive on these fasteners too.Third, check your expendable materials. These are your tires and your brake pads. Tires are an obvious place where you can see wear happening. Traction is a critical element in off-road motorcycles, so this will really affect the way the bike feels. Most riders don't realize how the brakes affect how your bike feels. Replace your pads if you suspect tired binders, and clean your brake discs too with a brake cleaner. You can lightly sand the disc too, to take some of the glazed effect off the disc material. Use a sanding block, and make diagonal movements across the disc. While you're at the brakes, consider replacing the some of the fluid with fresh. Older bikes will even need new brake lines. Lines can stretch and become more elastic, both conditions are bad for braking. Also, oil can get on the pads from chain lube or cleaning and spoil the pads.Also consider replacing your seat cover. Your pants can polish the vinyl and create a slick surface. Modern gripper seats come in three textures that can really make the bike feel tight and you will enjoy riding it even more.