Dirt Rider Looks at Travel Trailers

Dirt Rider Looks at Travel TrailersSerious travelers brag about having all their stuff in one bag. In the world of motorsports, the travel trailer can help you do just that. Putting all your gear in one trailer is a hot new trend in motorsports. These new trailers are hybrids between luxurious comfort for living, and efficiency and ease in carrying motorcycles. Combining the features of a motorhome and a utility trailer, these new trailers are definitely something to consider.Weekend Warrior, of Perris California, (www.a1warriortrailers.com 800-363-9445) offers trailers like this one shown here for about 15 to 18 thousand dollars. Really that's a bargain when you consider what it offers. Models like this comfortably sleep six. There's a bed up front, a pull down bed in the back and two twin beds that convert from built-in benches/couches. This unit comes ready to haul two bikes with eye-bolts already in the floor, but can easily be modified to hold several more. Standard features also include air conditioning and heating, toilet, microwave, stove, sink, generator, also indoor and outdoor showers. How cool is that! An outdoor shower keeps some messes from ever getting into living space. For entertainment in the living area, there is a CD player, and cabinets for a TV, VCR or DVD. The trailer can even be ordered with a satellite dish.So many features are modifiable. The floor in the back is carpet over vinyl tile. Peel back the carpet for carrying bikes and easy cleaning; replace the carpet for a comfortable living space. In the rear of the living space is a screen door for protected living in the outdoors. When it's cool, the screen door can be converted into a clear plastic barrier with zipper enclosure. Weekend Warrior has even remembered some important safety features.Included in your trailer are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you'd like to eliminate smelly fumes from gas cans in the living space, there is an optional external fuel tank for filling up vehicles with a nozzle outside. Travel trailers can be a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors. Weekend Warrior trailers are particularly well suited for the motorcycle enthusiast or racer. Many special features make them customizable, modifiable, safe, and just plain fun.See you at the track in style and comfort.