Tie Downs, Bed Bars and Bed Xtenders

Pickup trucks are perhaps the easiest way to haul a bike. While they are efficient, their open beds are not without hazards. Don't compromise when it comes to safety. Here's three tips for hauling a bike in a pickup that will greatly improve the safety of your journey. These three extra measures of security will help you travel safely and with ease.Our first tip is a product from a company called High Roller. It has put carabineer style locking hooks on the ends of high quality tie-downs. These will prevent the hook from coming off if there is ever slack in the tie-down. All it takes is one tight turn to develop enough slack in the outside tie-down to relieve it of the securing tension and the hook can come loose. Finish the turn and you're unstrapped on one, letting the compressed forks expand and pitch your bike out. Tossing your tricked-out racer over the side of your truck into traffic is not something you ever want to risk. To find a dealer that carries this product, visit www.mtawest.com or contact MTA at 800/231-8529.The second tip is to use a Bed Buddy from CCR Sport, the originator of the truck bed motorcycle tie-down support brace. This is a bar that you install across the front edge of the bed rail to prevent the bed front from bending from the force of bike wheels. It has slots and tie-down eyelets in the best locations that keep the front wheel in place. With the functionality and quality of this product, it would be hard to imagine hauling our bikes without it. The clean, secure and easy Bed Buddy sells for about $140.00 and is well worth it. Visit www.ccrsport.com for more information.The third tip on securing your bike in a pick-up is the use of a Bed-Xtender. You have probably seen this ingenious gate, especially with today's crew cab short bed trucks. The bed extender is designed to provide a barrier when your cargo requires the truck's tailgate be down to fit. This lightweight fence can also be used to secure small items like groceries at the back of the bed when the tailgate is up. Easy to install or remove, the $209.99 Bed-Xtender is super-strong and lightweight. Imagine not having to worry about your ramp, gear bag, or gas can falling out of the back of your truck. You can pack more and have gear near the back of the truck for easier unloading. Check out their website at www.bed-extender.com or call them directly toll free at 866/670-0055.

The High Roller carabineer equipped tie-down attached the Bed Buddy bed bar.
Mounting a Bed-Xtender to the truck completes your safe bike-hauling package.