How to Install Dirt Bike Grips

Replacing your grips is easier than you think with these tips

Let's face it, hand grips are the way we stay on the bike. Without a secure set, you'll never win a race. Keeping fresh grips on your bike is such an easy task; they should never be neglected. Installing dirt bike grips is a simple and easy operation that can be done quickly.

Cut off the old grips with a knife and clean the bars and throttle tube thoroughly. This is a critical step to ensure the reliability of the new grips. Use contact cleaner or acetone.With the grips off, inspect the throttle tube for cracks or excessive wear. If the tube is cracked or chipped, replace it.

When installing grips, I always recommend using grip glue. Start with a small bead on the inside of the grip and on the edge of the bars. This applies the glue evenly. You should make one smooth motion sliding them on, and come to a stop in the desired position. Be sure that the grips are on in the correct position in the first place. You can't adjust the position later. Take care to not get any glue under the throttle tube. This area should be kept clean and free from oils too. Oil would only attract dust and dirt.

After the grip glue has dried completely, install a couple of wraps of safety wire around the grip to ensure security even in the toughest conditions. Wrap the wire once or twice around the grip, and use twist pliers for best results. These special pliers really make this easy. I suppose you could do it with regular pliers, but safety wire pliers lock and twist evenly and automatically with a simple pull of the handle. After twisting the wire together, cut on the twist about a quarter of an inch away from the grip. Next, bend this cut end down and tuck it under the wrap of wire. You must make absolutely sure the twisted end is tucked under and will never catch on a glove. Do this in two locations on each grip.

That's all there is to it. You have replaced the grips and given yourself the best chance to stay onboard. All this attention to something so easy and obvious may seem like overkill. It's not. I have seen a factory rider get pulled to the pits in the middle of a moto because a grip came off. Let this tragedy never happen to you.

Carefully cut the old grips off. Minimize gouging the bars with a light cut.Dirt Rider
On the throttle side, be extra careful to not damage the throttle tube. Use a pealing action to minimize or eliminate the blade gouging the throttle tube at all. Take this opportunity to check the tube for any damage or excessive wear.Dirt Rider
Clean the bars and the tube with contact cleaner or acetone. Get all the old glue off.Dirt Rider
Dirt RiderDirt Rider
If the throttle tube has a hole in the end, cover it with duct or similar tape to keep glue from threatening smooth throttle action. Apply a moderate amount of glue around the inside of the grip, and outside edge of the bars. Be careful when pushing the grip on to maintain desired alignment because the grip will grab fast.Dirt Rider
Use "safety wire pliers" if you can, but regular pliers can do the job too. Wrap twice around and then twist. Leave about a quarter of an inch of the twist and tuck under the windings. Make sure the twist is tucked under, and out of the way so you don't catch a glove or poke yourself at the wrong time.Dirt Rider