Desert Racing Tips - Entering Fast Sand Corners with Steve Hengeveld - Dirt Rider

Sand corners can actually be fun, yet too often they are a nemesis to many riders because they demand commitment and aggressive riding. Throw in whoops or braking bumps leading into the turn and you have a recipe for disaster. But as Team Honda rider Steve Hengeveld shows, these can be harnessed to your advantage and shave some time off your laps.1.Entering a sand corner with some braking bumps, I'm looking ahead to see if I can see the whole corner so I position myself and know when to tap the brake and when to accelerate.2.Just a little bit before the corner, I tap the brake to get the bike straight.3.If there is a big braking bump prior to the turn, I do all my braking before hitting the corner. I then use the bump as a jump and land in the nice sandy berm.4. Since I start my acceleration before I even hit the corner, I let the berm slow me down. That way I can launch out of the berm.5. Thus, I keep my momentum up, the bike stays nice and straight and I can accelerate the whole time and get ready for the next obstacle.