Tech Tip: Don’t Be A Caveman - Dirt Rider Magazine

The Dirty Part

Ever had a problem with the electric starter wires pulling out of the connector on your KTM? Well, here is an inexpensive, quick fix that will keep you from having to kickstart your bike in the middle of a long ride.I don't recommend tearing apart the connector if it's still working, but if it does come apart, then run on over to Radio Shack and pick up the same part as the stock one. The greatest part: this connector only costs $2.60 and is generally in stock. So you shouldn't have to order it or spend more money on it than it's really worth. Also, I'm sure Radio Shack is open seven days a week, in case your local motorcycle shop (if they stock the part) is closed on the day you need it.

Start by stripping back the exposed wires (if necessary) to make sure you have good contact with the wire and connector. Then crimp the connector onto the wire. We soldered ours to make sure this doesn't ever become an issue in the future, but if you believe in your crimping skills, then I'm sure you won't have a problem. Next, slide the pins into the plastic connector until they lock in. Then plug it in and you're good to go. It's that easy.

So what does all this mean? Well, more money in your pocket, no waiting and no unnecessary kicking. This, of course, always equals more riding.