Tips: Nozzle Holder - Dirt Rider Magazine

**Robert Foos

Beverly Hills, CA**

This is a must-have for all those aerosol cans with detachable straws that insert into the spray nozzle. Brownells is a company that supplies to gunsmiths and folks who reload ammunition, but the company has this rubber lanyard that keeps the straw attached to a spray can so you'll never lose it again. I found this one at an electrical supply store, but it is probably easiest to order directly from Brownells on-line at or by phone at 800.741.0017. The name of the product is: Hold-it Nozzle Holder. A flexible yellow ring stretches around the aerosol can and the opposite end holds the straw for easy access. The price is $1.99 each, and they are tiny and light so shipping can't be much.Got a Trail Tip? Send it and some pictures to, subject: Trail Tips.