24 Lite - Rear Brake Pad Pins - Dirt Rider Magazine

By Don Kelley

I'm usually very impressed with how easy routine mechanical tasks are on my KTM 300 XC. Originally that included the pin that retains the rear brake pads. Instead of a pin with a threaded head, the KTM uses a slip-fit straight brake pin secured by two quick-release cotter clips. The clips are even bent in an L-shape to keep them from hanging up on anything. Nevertheless, I discovered that some sneaky bush had snagged one and stolen it on the trail. The rear brake pads were a single clip away from vanishing. One leg of the clip is straight, but the other is bent to spring over the pin and lock in place. I zapped a loop of safety wire over the two legs and snugged it at the bend. I need to snip the wire to change pads, but the clips aren't going anywhere.Got a Trail Tip? Send it and some pictures to karel.kramer@sorc.com, subject: Trail Tips.