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Whenever we're strolling through the pits at a supercross or a National-caliber event that draws the factory teams, we can only imagine what it's like to have some of the trick parts we see on factory machines. Fortunately, as the number of aftermarket companies continues to grow, so does the availability of pro-level componentry with which we can outfit our bikes, so some of the machinery we see at the beginning of the year on our heroes' race bikes are available to the public by year-end. Of course, we will never be able to get our hands on all of the components we see on factory race bikes, but you can get some of the super-trick stuff. What you run depends on how brave you are feeling with your wallet. Some of the items that made Dirt Rider's list are a bit pricey, but on the other hand, a few are relatively inexpensive and a great bang for your buck. In no particular order, here are 15 of the hottest, coolest, slickest parts you can buy.1. Pro Circuit Works Suspension

If you're a serious racer with a big budget, works suspension is a must. Almost all the manufacturers offer real works suspension, and all can build the ultratrick suspension to your specs. When it comes to pure, functional eye candy, Pro Circuit takes the cake. Its Showa works suspension runs $4999.95 for the shock and fork.Pro Circuit: 909/738-8050; www.procircuit.com.
2. Evoluzione Slipper ClutchSlipper clutches are catching on in the motocross world, as more and more factory riders use them. Priced from $799.99, this is a great tool for your motocross or supermoto bike. Evoluzione slippers are available through FMF.FMF: 310/631-4363; www.fmfracing.com.3. Works Connection Oil Fill PlugsIf you're trying to get that factory look while keeping the cost down, these Works Connection oil fill plugs are a great idea. They are made of billet aluminum and replace the big, bulky stock cap for only $22.Works Connection: 530/642-9488; www.worksconnection.com.4. Talon HubsTalon hubs are without doubt one of the best ways to dress up your motorcycle. At $512 per set, Talon hubs come in a variety of colors and are available for most late-model motorcycles.White Brothers: 888/926-7337; www.whitebrothers.com.
5. BBR Aluminum 50 FrameThe world of minibikes continues to produce some of the most-innovative parts money can buy. BBR offers this super-trick CRF50 frame for $1699.95; the price includes an Elka rear shock. Simply bolt all your parts from your stock frame onto the BBR setup, and you have your very own trick aluminum-framed CRF50.BBR Motorsports: 253/631-8233; www.bbrmotorsports.com.6. Boyesen Water-Pump Cover and ImpellerBoyesen has developed a very sano water-pump cover and impeller system to replace the stock water-pump cover and help with cooling. On the new Kawasaki KX250F/Suzuki RM-Z250, this Boyesen setup works great, and eliminates the need to remove the water-pump cover in order to change the oil. The system runs $165.Boyesen Engineering: 610/756-6818; www.boyesen.com.7. White Brothers Carbon Pro ExhaustAfter bolting on a handlebar, the next step is usually an aftermarket exhaust system. For $895.99, White Brothers offers this system, which is super-trick-looking and works better than it looks. Factory Honda and Yamaha are currently using this system on all of their factory four-strokes. You can't get any closer to factory than this!White Brothers: 888/926-7337; www.whitebrothers.com.8. Hinson ClutchNo matter what bike you have, a great way to gain performance is installing a precision-built Hinson clutch. Although it's a big expense (clutch basket, $230; hub, $299; plates, $175; cover, $200), there is a good chance your favorite racer has a Hinson clutch in his bike.Hinson Clutch Components: 909/946-2942; www.hinsonracing.com.9. Factory Connection Works Suspension PartsIf you can't spend the big bucks for works suspension, Factory Connection offers TiN Works coatings on Showa lower tubes and shock shafts. The fork tubes are available in blue, bronze, gold and green, while the shock shaft is available only in gold. Coated fork tubes cost $1400 ($875 for gold), and coated shock shafts run $300.Factory Connection: 603/335-7023; www.factoryconnection.com.10. Renton Coil Shock Titanium SpringsRenton titanium coil springs are used by many of the top pros today. The titanium springs feature big weight savings along with great performance. They start at $349 and are a great way to shed some unneeded weight.Renton Coil Spring Co./RCS: 425/255-1453; www.coilspring.com.11. ASV Folding LeversIt's always a bummer when you crash and break a lever and have to finish a moto with no front brake or clutch. The ASV levers are designed to fold away in case of a crash. The brake lever costs $75, and the clutch perch and lever run $125.ASV Inventions: 877/ASV-7000; www.asvinventions.com.12. IMS Fluidyne RadiatorSome of the new four-strokes have cooling problems. If you're tired of your bike boiling over, this slick radiator does away with any overheating problems you may experience for a price of $399.95.IMS Products: 909/653-7720; www.imsproducts.com.13. Universal Carbon-fiber Skid PlateRunning a skid plate eliminates almost all chances of munching a costly hole in the bottom of your motor—saving you buckets of money. Protect and enhance your bike's appearance with Universal's quality carbon-fiber skid plate ($124.95).Universal Engineering: 909/506-0142; www.universalmotocross.com.14. RG3 Triple ClampsRG3's triple clamps offer a less-rigid feel on the handlebar with four-post rubber mounts. The clamps are available in various offsets, which allow you to change the geometry and dial in the handling to your liking. The RG3 clamps are available in several colors depending on the brand of bike you ride. The top clamp sells for $289.95, and the bottom clamp runs $99.95.RG3: 714/630-0786; www.rg3online.com.15. LightSpeed Air Tract SystemYou usually see trick parts like this carbon air scoop only on factory race bikes. The trick system built by LightSpeed is designed to direct airflow onto the radiators. The carbon air scoop costs $99.95 and bolts on in just minutes.LightSpeed Performance Products: 714/990-5767; www.lightspeedperf.com.