Predict EnduroCross Wins, Win Motion Pro Products

You know your bike is perfect. No way you need things like Motion Pro’s Titan throttle tube, or new levers, grips, or T3 cables! Dude, that’s sarcasm. Your grips are shredded, your levers look like the ones on the bike in the Craigslist ad you were laughing at last week, and your throttle tube and cables are so hard to pull they feel like the set-up for another one of those dumb Chuck Norris jokes! By the way, while I’m offering constructive criticism, your tool kit looks like a 3 Stooges handyman skit prop, so you might appreciate a new set of t-handles, a sag scale, shock punch, flywheel puller, bearing puller, spark plug ratchet wrench, or multi-valve tool. But your precious time is too… precious (whoops, painted myself into a corner on that one!) to take a little time and check out the EnduroCross Fantasy league, build an EnduroCross team, and start collecting some of the great Motion Pro gift certificate prizes! They’re giving away money for every round! Nevermind that you’ll have bragging rights for the rest of your life if you win, and any item won is sweeter than the same item bought. Or imagine that phone call after you correctly predict the Sacramento round this weekend and call you buddies with an innocent, ‘How’d you do?’

So what are you waiting for, that Chuck Norris throttle-pull joke? Get over to and sign up and pick your team. It's free, it's fun, and it's profitable! It's like being an EnduroCross factory team manager, if every EnduroCross rider was available to sign. Jeez, do you really need the Norris joke before you click over? Fine. Chuck Norris doesn't twist his throttle, he bends the handlebar then yells at the throttle tube to catch up!