Photo Gallery: Shan’s Favs

We hope all of you have a great Easter weekend. And since there was not much in the world of motorcycle racing going on, we gave Shan Moore a chance to serve up some of his favorite off-road photos from the past few years for this week’s gallery.

One of my all-time favorite photos is this one of Russell Bobbitt at the Wyoming national enduro in 2009. It’s the goal of every race photographer, however it very rarely happens, that the best photo you come away with from a shoot happens to be of the guy who won the race. That was the case at this race in Wyoming. This happened to be what I considered my best shot of the race, and Bobbitt ended up winning the race… icing on the cake! Photo By Shan Moore
Here’s Geoff Aaron in 2007, his final year of competition in the US National Trials Series. This is at a national in Oklahoma, in a section that featured a really cool creek. Photo By Shan Moore
Here’s my favorite Kurt Caselli shot. It’s from Six Days in Sardinia, and he’s bearing down on a tire, trying to get it to pop off the rim. I think he was also trying to amuse the onlookers. Photo By Shan Moore
Here’s another shot from Sardinia, this one is of Thad DuVall heading into one of the mechanical controls with a cruise ship in the background. Photo By Shan Moore
Mike Lafferty takes a long dab in a grass track section last year at the Cajun Enduro in Louisiana. Photo By Shan Moore
Here’s one of a Dirt Rider “adventure shoot” at a secret location near Donner Ski Ranch, one of my favorite places to shoot photos. Photo By Shan Moore
One more from Sardinia… This is Nick Fahringer blasting through the Italian countryside. Photo By Shan Moore
One of the more interesting events I covered last year was the Big Sky Cross-country, in Big Sky, Montana. Here Ryan Belue charges through a rocky section on the mountain. Photo By Shan Moore
Here’s another from the Big Sky Race, showing eventual winner Brad Bakken in the “Rock Garden” section. Photo By Shan Moore
Here’s a cool shot of Russell Bobbitt running next to a swampy pond at the Rattlesnake Enduro in Pennsylvania. Photo By Shan Moore
Russell Bobbitt runs through the front yard of an abandoned cabin at last year’s Sandlapper Enduro in South Carolina. Photo By Shan Moore
Taylor Robert makes a run through a wide open field at the Big Sky CC with a big Montana sky in the background. Photo By Shan Moore
Thad DuVall gasses it out of a turn at a Pennsylvania enduro while a local onlooker takes it all in. Photo By Shan Moore
Mike Lafferty dodges the deadwood at a national enduro in Wyoming. Photo By Shan Moore
A Suzuki-mounted Ryan Dungey seems to be jumping into the crowd at the Unadilla national motocross in 2010. Photo By Shan Moore
Trials bikes and water seems to be a theme. Here Cody Webb makes a difficult climb at Donner Ski Ranch during a national trial with one of the lakes in the pristine backdrop. Photo By Shan Moore