Ontario EnduroCross 2014 Photo Gallery

Taddy Blazusiak Wins The Battle, Cody Webb Wins The War!

Photos by Adam Booth and Drew Ruiz

The 2014 Geico EnduroCross season came to a close and while Taddy Blazusiak won the final race, Cody Webb took home the EnduroCross title. Here are some photos from the final round in Ontario, California. We can’t wait until the 2015 season!

Taddy Blazusiak grabbing the holeshot and leading the pack. Photo by Adam Booth.
The main event leaves the line to determine the 2014 Champion. Photo by Adam Booth.
Cody Webb and Geoff Aaron dive into the firewood pit out of the first turn. Photo by Adam Booth.
Taddy Blazusiak grabbed the lead off the start and never looked back. Photo by Adam Booth
Corey Graffunder navigates a large log. Photo by Adam Booth
Taddy Blazusiak crosses the finish line on the 15th lap for the win in Ontario, California.
Cody Webb, one happy camper! Photo by Adam Booth
Start straight squeeze courtesy of Taylor Robert. Photo by Adam Booth
Cody Webb, like many others, takes a rock sample. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
Taylor Robert smashing the log section. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
Cody Webb en route to the 2014 EnduroCross championship. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
The matrix section claimed many riders, but Cody Webb made it look easy. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
Easily the biggest jump of the night was to clear the entire water hole. Taylor Robert in the air and looking smooth. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
The women’s main event dives into the first turn. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
Chaos in the first turn during the women’s main event. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
When a full gate of EnduroCross pros enters the first turn, mayhem soon follows. Photo by Drew Ruiz.
Colton Haaker put pressure on Blazusiak but couldn’t get by him by race end. Haaker finished the night in third. Photo by Drew Ruiz
The rock section was very technical and claimed almost every rider once. Photo by Drew Ruiz.