A Privateer Experience: by Timmy Weigand - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hobbit man is back to give you an update on how the '03 season wrapped up for me. Going into my first full season of Outdoor Nationals I was confident of my strength and physical fitness, yet a little unsure of my speed. After the first few Nationals, I quickly changed my attitude. Instead of just wanting to make the show, I found myself becoming a true competitor. Running with the top racers in the world went from being a longtime dream to a serious reality. My goals for last season were to race the entire season healthy, consistently put solid motos together and earn a National number.Traveling the Outdoor circuit was an intense emotional rollercoaster. Though it was the experience of a lifetime, it was much harder than I expected. Traveling from city to city, trying to find a place to sleep, eat; train and practice can be very taxing. Sometimes the week-to-week affairs can be more draining than race day. Getting thirteenth one week and not even making the main the following week was hard to swallow. Confidence is a huge part of the battle, and when you down it will shows in your results.The best part of my experience while traveling the Outdoor circuit was the people I met along the way. I am convinced that east coast race fans are the most enthusiastic in the world. An east coast fan will sit through a torrential downpour waving you on like you are battling for the championship. Along the way I was very fortunate and met some families who were kind enough to open their homes to me. The majority of my stay was with the Sclacht family in Strongsville, Oh. They are the coolest people and introduced me to my new favorite restaurant, "Dick's Last Resort." I also spent some time staying at the Brown household. They made my stay so enjoyable I didn't ever want to leave, but Mike said I was too old to adopt. It was an amazing opportunity to train side-by-side with of the best racers of our time. Mike is truly a genuine person. Looking back at the season, I'm proud that I was able to accomplish many of my goals. I finished the season healthy, put solid motos together and most importantly earned National number 56. I learned that fitness, mental strength, and having heart are the key to doing well at the Outdoor Nationals.The 2004 season is going to be an exciting adventure for me. I now better understand what it takes to be a solid competitor. I look forward to the new season with high expectations and an entire new set of goals. What the future holds for the Hobbit man in Supercross is still unknown. I've already spent lots of time on the new CRF250 and can honestly say that I feel really good on it. I guess only time will tell. Lastly, I have recently upgraded to a full size bed. What can I say, progress takes time when you're taking little steps.-Timmy