Head West, Young Man! - Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

I love to ride single-track trails but live in Wisconsin, which is somewhat of a desert of off-road trails, so my dad and I have to travel three hours to the nearest trail, which is a drag! In your opinion, what is the best state/area to travel to and ride single-track trails for a week?**Brendan Hobart

Palmyra, WI**

In my opinion, if you're looking for a strong dose of single-track, you can't go wrong with some good ol' high-altitude mountain riding. Anywhere between about 8,000 and 12,500 feet is usually excellent, especially if you've never ridden that high up before. Going above timberline will generally cause your bike to run like it has a rag in the airbox, while riding too low can cause you to miss some fantastic views. The Internet is a great place to learn about unfamiliar riding areas, and our recent November 2011 "Rides" issue showcased some incredible rides outside of Wisconsin, all of which could make for the adventure of a lifetime if you're looking to expand your horizons. You and your dad should take a road trip a little further west; you're bound to find some sweet trails. -Chris Denison