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Hi, I am a father of a nine-year-old that is starting to ride. I have ridden for most of my life but never for an extended period of time and am looking for some kind of DVDs to help my son and I in riding off-road. I want to help him in anyway I can and don't want to teach him the wrong or unsafe way. I right now do not have the funds to send him to a camp, if there is even one around our area, but want to make sure he gets the best instruction I can give him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.**Mike Anderson

Bluffton, IN** Riding DVDs are great, but I would first recommend a book that I've recommended many times before, Gary Semics Practice Manual ( I believe it's on sale right now for around ten bucks. You can take the manual out with you when you ride, and best of all it encourages practicing the proper riding positions on the bike in the garage between rides to build a 'muscle memory' of proper riding form. Off-road heros Shane Watts ( and Steve Hatch ( also both have DVDs that might be just what you and your son are after. And of course Dirt Rider has Pro Riding Secrets, many of which detail advanced techniques but we also get some of the basics covered in there, by the fastest riders on the planet. Keep researching and you will find what you are looking for! -Pete Peterson