Butt Patches At Work - Dirt Rider Magazine

Like most bait, you are out on your own trapped in an environment where you are most likely to be preyed upon. In my case, a Saturday REM race with plenty of spectators, racers, fans and most importantly cougars! This cougar pounced...

The butt patch didn't grace the dirt bike scene on purpose as a fantastic idea from a rider or a creation from a gear brand; it began as a solution to ripped pants! According to the famous gear company JT Racing, they are responsible for starting the major butt patch trend. A pair of pants had been sliced in the bottoms by a box cutter, and JT designer Jerry Parks slapped on a big JT "butt logo" to cover the tear. Now, the butt patch is something seen worldwide for riders to display a nickname or express whatever they want in a quick couple words.

Pete Peterson insisted on butting into this web story with his butt patch. His other one says, "PP is number one."

I felt a little left out amongst those who rock butt patches so I turned to My Race Number for a custom seat to my pants. Earlier on in the year, I was dubbed the nickname, "Cougar Bait," and thought this would be a perfect way to let my talents be known, not to mention an excellent conversation starter.Get your groove on with a custom butt patch from My Race Number.

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