2012 Husabergs Introduced - Dirt Rider Magazine

A well informed rider would have known that Husaberg has been selling two-strokes in other parts of the world during the last year. Well for 2012 the brand is selling only two-strokes in the US. Why has a company that has been exclusively four-stroke now exclusively two-stroke?

The answer may be more complicated than we will ever know, but the economy might just be the biggest factor. The pricey Husaberg four-strokes have been slow selling over the last year and there are still plenty of 2011s to be had at dealers right now. And the two-stroke is all-new, well at least if you are a Husaberg rider.

Looking sharp in the yellow and blue skins, the 250 and 300 TEs are basically 2011 KTM XCWs with some minor tweaks. The biggest change from its orange brother, besides the look, is the closed cartridge front fork, as the KTM XCW has an open cartridge unit. A Husaberg clutch cover and a unique radiator shroud change the look more than just the color.

Additionally the bike comes stock with a 2-position switch for the ignition maps, one mellow and one aggressive. Arriving standard with handguards, a skid plate, frame rail protection, a few premiums when lined up against the KTM it so mirrors. And like the KTM, it is an electric-start, six-speed machine with a 2.9 gallon fuel tank. Priced at $7899 for the 250 and $7999 for the 300, they should be at dealers immediately.