Bike of the Year Preview - Dirt Rider Magazine

2011 was a big year for both motocross and off-road, and there were a number of machines that rocked the industry in terms of technology, innovation and performance. As usual, Dirt Rider dedicated a full cover story to the greatest bikes of 2011, including our pick for the coveted Bike of the Year title. We even had a massive trophy built out that is being sent to the top manufacturer, along with runner-up awards to those who deserve honorable mentions.So, which bike won? The answer may shock you. Then again, if you ridden this bike before, the answer may not be a surprise at all. We'll save the bombshell for the magazine, but we can tell you that the 2011 Bike of the Year is big on progression, huge on hype and is one of the most fun bikes to play on that we have access to.To see the Bike of the Year story in its entirety, check out our July 2011 issue, which is available on newsstands now. Of course, feel free to leave a comment, concern or prediction below!