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Dear Dirt Rider,

Thanks for the article in the March issue regarding Direct Injection EFI for two strokes. However, there is something I don't understand. If the fuel charge is injected "directly into the combustion chamber by way of an injector mounted in the cylinder head", well then WHAT LUBRICATES THE CRANK? Does this mean that there is a wet sump?Thanks,**Mike Walters

Malverne, NY**

The crank is "oil injected" and also computer controlled as it only takes a very small amount of oil to accomplish this and then the oil is either mixed in with the air charge or air fuel charge, depending on the configuration of the engine, and burned off while helping to lubricate the cylinder.There can't be a wet sump as the crankcase pressure is what gets the air into the cylinder, though there are some variations on this in some developmental engines where the air does not go to the bottom end.__Hope this helps.-Jimmy Lewis