Kawasaki's Heritage Hall - Dirt Rider Magazine

Kawasaki invented the Jet Ski and was also building snow sleds, as well as dirt bikes in the early days.

Kawasaki invited Dirt Rider down to their headquarters in Irvine, CA to show off something they have been working on for a long time. It is their Heritage Hall and it is a physical representation of the history of KMC here in the US. And the collectable bikes and memorabilia is just a small part of the digital library of documents, company history and digitized assets that serve as a collection to pass on to future employees who may not know about the early days of the company which got its start in the early 60's. Currently open to employees, the process of building up the collection is ongoing.

Jimmy "The Jammer" Weinerts 1974 SR 450 Factory Racer that took him to a national title.
The company timeline lines a full wall of the hall.
This is one of the many Baja 1000 winning KX500s.
James "Bubba" Stewarts last KX85 which he used to win yet another Loretta's amateur title.
This is a racing refrigerator.
History in small pieces.