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My name is Jacob Ashley, I'm 14 years old, I ride a CR85 and I was wondering about a shorty pipe for my bike. I hear that it adds more power and will make my bike sound louder (which who doesn't like a louder bike?) Is it worth the money the money I will have to pay for it? I will most likely not ride this bike for too much longer, I have outgrown it. If I do end up buying this do I have to buy a new pipe too or will it work with my stock one? Please help me out.**Jacob Ashley

Via**If you like a louder sound coming out of your muffler, you should go get checked out for idiocy. That is a disease that strikes kids, usually at age 12, mostly boys, and makes them dumber and dumber till they get to about 30 or so. A lot of these kids actually end up riding quads when they hit their 20's because they can carry the beer better and all of their friends like loud bikes and quads too. Some of them cut the mufflers off, since that is a real shorty! They spend a good portion of their life spinning donuts in parking lots and have to quit riding early because their brains become fried from all the beer spinning in the opposite direction of the donuts they spin.__Dude, a muffler isn't going to do much to the power of your bike. A "shorty" makes the power shorter too. It pisses off the neighbors and anyone who has to listen to your bike. And since you paid good money for it you always think it is making more power cause it is louder and you don't want to take the idiot double whammy blame. Want better power on that CR85? Get a reed cage. And repack your stock muffler with good packing and it will help the power even more.

Don't fall for the louder is better crap. I get all the mufflers I want for free and I put on ones that are usually longer and quieter on all my personal bikes because they make better power and make it so I can ride faster. How's that for real world advice? -Jimmy Lewis