Closed Course Competition Clarification - Dirt Rider Magazine

From what I am gathering it appears the FI bikes have to meet a higher standard than the carbureted bikes when being imported. This is forcing KTM to send the XC line to America as closed course, private owned land use bikes. If the XC is given a spark arrester can it be registered for CA OHV parks like the older MX bikes were done?**Thomas King

Temecula, CA**

You cannot take a closed course competition bike (like the KTM XC) and use it for anything but racing on a close course if you read to the letter of the law. You can sometimes (depending on the mood at the DMV or the momentary fluctuations in ever changing regulation) get a green sticker or maybe a red sticker in CA. The red sticker has a time when you can ride and it is difficult to determine which places are open at which time for red sticker bikes. And a spark arrester is a requirement for any bike at a state OHV Park independent of the registration. California State Parks had a very informative web site with all of the regulations. The CA DMV has one a little less informative, but with decent links. The switch to FI has nothing to do with this, it is just evolution of the game. EPA and CARB regulations are making the carburetor incapable to pass emissions because of the leakage out of the vent lines, not the tail pipe emissions. -Jimmy Lewis