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Monty turned pro snowboarder 1987, California State Snowboard Series-won half-pipe, slalom, giant slalom and mogul contests, starred in the popular boarding videos The Western Front, New Kids on the Twock and Pocahontas. Inventor of the SurfSleeve surfing rash protector (


Chris is considered one of the pioneers of modern snowboard riding style, has several Santa Cruz signature snowboards, sponsored by Fox Racing, lifetime ban from the World Cup Tour and the entire country of Japan._

Chris: Our dad and his brother raced motorcycles, so we were involved as a family. I probably started riding when I was three years old.Monty: I love riding with my brother. He's younger than I am and he's kicking my ass right now. He's keeping me on my toes. It's making me stay in shape.Chris: We grew up snowboarders, but once we realized, "Wow, summertime, we can start motocross," we started racing. We were probably pretty much the same speed until I got more into it and started spending more time doing it. And he surfs, he's been on a surf trip for the last three months, so he's just being real kind. But if he got into it like you have to, he'd be the same. I guess we're probably pretty much the same in skill level. But we had a battle .Monty: For some reason, if I see a bike near me and it's a blue fender, I know it's always Chris. Then the next thing I know I'm chasing him.Chris: I've grown up as a snowboarder and a skateboarder, so my whole thing was always searching for fun things to hit, and to me on the motocross track it's kind of the same thing. You've gotta go for a smooth line or a fun double line or whatever works, so that's kinda what I do, right off the bat, look for faster lines or smoother lines. I always like doing different lines nobody's doing yet. And you can always find that on a motocross track.Monty: I hate losing to Chris right now because his bike is so clapped. It's a 2007 but it's just...clapped. He's got tie straps to keep it together. I'm riding a 2009 and I just can't get around him, it pisses me off.Chris: I like lining up on the gate and not worrying about anybody. I just look ahead, and that's it. I think, "Nobody's better than me. We're all on the same bike so let's just go."